Sunday, January 16, 2005

Rude Malaysians Contest

mystic_grey pointed me to this contest run by The Star ==> Click Me.
Go vote.

It occurs to me that somebody actually asked me how much I earn in public. And I don't even know this somebody. He's a friend's friend. I met him that night because he was with my friend in a mamak. So we had some small talk and he said he's been working for 3 years and then started asking how much I earn after working 8/9 years. I danced around the issue but it never occurred to me that that question is considered offensive and rude. Hmmm... NOW I KNOW!


  1. Give a range! Duh! The bigger the range the better! Double Duh!

  2. someone won already. Read today's paper?
    Well.. looks like radio Djs and all that are discussing it... hebat..!!!!!!!!!