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iPhone 6 Plus

w00t! I received my iPhone 6+ last Friday, by chance. The iPhone 6+ is very much in demand and both the 64GB and 128GB model is out of stock. It was by pure luck that I was able to get the 64GB Space Grey - both the memory and colour are my target, so I didn't even have to compromise at all. Pretty excited about this. What I want to cover today and which caused me to post in this blog is a underrated feature of the iPhone 6 which is called Display Zoom. The main reason I am buying iPhone 6, and many of my friends/colleagues are hunting for one, is because of the screen size. And the reason we love big size is because we are all of middle age and our eye sight are not as good as before. So, we think that the iPhone 6 size will help us see better; bigger fonts, bigger interfaces, etc. So I was really surprise when setting up the iPhone, and the setup wizard actually asked me if I wanted to set it up with Standard View or Zoom View. I went with Standard and after the setup was