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I think not many Malaysians are aware of a program called Kickstarter . This is a form of crowdsourcing - instead of getting funding from Venture Capitalist or Public Equity, individual or group of individuals could form a project and source for funding from the public - from people who are willing to donate a few dollars to a few hundreds if they believe/buy into your plight. If you donate (the term is pledged), you are called project backers and typically backers get the product at the minimal price that they pledged. There were many Kickstarter projects - two MIT guys made a 3D-printing pen that allows artists to draw 3D art instantly. Or a group of actors/directors get millions of funds to produce a show called Veronica Mars, a cult favourites. Even popular icon like Chris Roberts and Richard Garriott ran successful campaign to get their video games funded - this is now the preferred method instead of going to a publishers, who are all business and have no passion for games. The

Mid-Life Crisis

I have huge challenges at work. I think I needed a change. I am working hard on the change. Every morning, when I go to work, I feel as though there is a veil in my mind, a shroud of cloud in between my mind and my perception is a more accurate description. I feel as though I am not as sharp as I wanted to be - I am in a plane of singular existence - I can hear and see people but they are in the other side of the veil and I struggle to reach out to them. I need to break through this mist. I need put in more efforts into my chanting to kick myself out of this downward spiral. I can do it! I will breakthrough!

Western Digital Black

My friend ZipD gave me a WD Black 2TB hard disk. That is a top of the line hard disk! Isn't he great? Yum!

mid-2013 MacBook Air's MagSafe 2

In 2012, Apple released MagSafe 2, a new revision to their MagSafe power connector. The MagSafe is one of their most innovative products - here is the product description from Apple product website : == Product Information The 45W MagSafe 2 Power Adapter features a magnetic DC connector  so if someone should trip over it, the cord disconnects harmlessly and your MacBook Air stays put safely.  It also helps prevent fraying or weakening of the cables over time. In addition, the magnetic DC helps guide the plug into the system for a quick and secure connection." == Highlight in red is my own emphasis.  Unfortunately, the MagSafe 2 (2012 models) was too weak. Many customers reported that a slight brushing will detach it. This created a huge dissatisfaction among the community. We all want the MagSafe 1 back. So, with the release of the new intel Haswell-based MacBook Air in mid-2013, Apple made some slight tweak to the MagSafe 2. They made it stronger, so that