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This is so exciting!

Date Time          Location  Service Area Checkpoint Details Jun 29, 2011 10:06 Kul - KUL With delivery courier - Kul - KUL Jun 29, 2011 07:57 Kul - KUL Shipment on hold - Kul - KUL Jun 29, 2011 03:44 Kul - KUL Partial delivery - Kul - KUL Jun 29, 2011 01:51 Kul - KUL Arrived at delivery facility - Kul - KUL Jun 28, 2011 18:06 Szb - SZB Clearance processing complete - Szb - SZB Jun 27, 2011 21:15 Szb - SZB Clearance delay - Szb - SZB Jun 26, 2011 20:59 Szb - SZB Clearance delay - Szb - SZB Jun 25, 2011 20:31 Szb - SZB Clearance delay - Szb - SZB Jun 24, 2011 21:46 Szb - SZB Clearance delay - Szb - SZB Jun 24, 2011 18:40 Szb - SZB Processed for clearance - Szb - SZB Jun 24, 2011 15:43 Szb - SZB Transport Delay - Szb - SZB Jun 24, 2011 09:08 Hkg - HKG Transport Delay - Hkg - HKG Jun 24, 2011 06:22 Hhp - HHP Shipment on hold - Hhp - HHP Jun 24, 2011 00:14 Hhp - HHP Clearance processing complete - Hhp - HHP Jun 23, 2011 21:25 Szx - SZX Departed from facility - Szx - SZX Ju

Apple Store Singapore Customer Service

I made a call to Apple Singapore today. I asked them the status of my order as I am supposed to get it today. The customer service rep was very pleasant. The first thing he said was to apologize that he has to disappoint me. He said that I will not be able to get it today and he's not able to give me a tentative date because of the fact that it is stuck in Malaysia custom. He promised to monitor my order for me and give me a call tomorrow (Wed) and Friday. And if there are no changes, he will continue to monitor and update me the following week. I told him I am very appreciative of this and I asked if there was anything he could do - nope, he said, unfortunately it is beyond him and beyond their shipping agent, DHL Express. But, and this was a surprise, he said he will give me a RM100 rebate (or a Smart Cover worth RM159). He just put this offer on the table and I wasn't even making a complaint! You gotta love Customer Support like that! I chose the RM100 rebate as I didn

Beaurocratic or Incompetence?

Beaurocratic or Incompetence? Above is the tracking status of the iPad 2 that I have ordered with Apple. Let me share with you some legend: SZX is Shenzen Airport HHP and HKG is Hong Kong SZB is Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport ie Subang Airport Malaysia. The iPad was shipped from Shenzen on 23 June at 9pm. It reached Hong Kong at 12am. And left Hong Kong at 9am on 24 June. It reached Subang Airport at 3pm same day, around 6 hours flight. It takes less than 24 hours to ship from China to Malaysia. But the package was STUCK AT SUBANG Custom for 6 days! What's wrong with our custom? Is it incompentence? Laziness? Or what? Seriously, internet transaction failed because of the custome clearance. GRRR!

Order iPad 2 from Apple Store Malaysia

Not many people know this but you can now place order of Apple products, including iPad 2, in the Apple Store Malaysia via The fulfilment of the order is still from Apple SG but that's ok, so long as the price is in MY. Also, the product is shipped directly from Apple's factory in China - so it doesn't matter. There is something special and fascinating about ordering online. The excitement you get when you received an email notifying you that the order is shipped to the satisfaction of being able to track where your package is. Yesterday evening, at around midnight, I received an email saying my order was shipped! That translate to 4 days in advance of a 2 weeks wait. I am so excited. That means, I will get the iPad 2 next Tuesday. Can't wait. I'm so excited it reminds me of my online order of iPod nano, which I shared in this blog. Somehow, the iPhone 4 didn't make me as excited. Like I said, maybe it is because of the little surp


If you owned a Maybank Amex card, Starbucks is having a promotion of buy one free one drink! Yummilicious!

iPhone Usage

Inspired by e-lifesl's post on how much she didn't use the phone functionality of her iPhone 4 , I begin to think about my own usage. Here is the obligatory pie-chart, based on battery usage/day: Looks like I use the smart part of the smartphone but not so much of the phone itself. It's not bad. The amount of time I spent on iBooks these days are scary, which resulted in my ordering of the iPad 2. Can't wait for it to come next week!


I am so addicted to reading novels in iBooks or Amazon Kindle app in iPhone. Over the past 1.5 months, I have finished two Stephen King novels: The Shining and 'Salem's Lot. Both are really good book. I am now starting on George Martin's A Game of Thrones, currently running in HBO as a TV series. I just can't stop reading. And because of this addiction, I decided to buy an iPad 2. It's crazy... but I have this itch I needed to scratch. With my passion for iPhone, iPad should be a no brainer. My only complaint with the iPad is that it is heavy and iPad 2 is the same. The weight of the thing does not make it an ideal long term reading companion. But I just can't resist. I just had to own one.. and so, I clicked Purchase and ordered a iPad 2 32gb wifi model. Shipping in 2 weeks time. Can't wait!

iPad 2

The iPad 2 have been occupying my mind a lot. My fingers itched to press the Purchase button on Apple MY store. Help me!

Free 2 GSC Movie Tickets, any movies, from IBM?

Wow, I stumbled upon this in Facebook. Free movie tickets.. just create a IBM developerWorks profile, answer 3 simple question and voila.. a chance to win movie tickets for 2? Easy bitsy? Yup! Click here to sign up! First 20 early birds sign up wins movie tickets AND Starbucks voucher! I WANT!