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1.6 MB/s download!


Atomic Tom: iPhones in action!

Watch this video - tell me, which phone could do these? That's why, I don't understand why people would pay good money for Android or Nokia phones!


Sept 2006: RM415K Sept 2008: RM580K Aug 2009: RM588K April 2010: RM750K Oct 2010: RM810K!! Unbelievable! My neighbour, in the road behind mine, sold her house for RM810K. Real sale! A lot of people said that the real estate price is very high now. To the point of burning out and a crash will happen very soon. In the last 12 months, price have gone up like crazy! See the stats above. And yet, there are people demanding an buying property! This is a real sale and it proofs that the demand is real. I'm going to be a millionaire soon! :)

iPhone 4

I have decided, over the course of one weekend, to take the plunge and go for iPhone 4 despite my iPhone 3G contract having 6 more months to go. Maxis allows contract extention - and in fact the new terms are favourable over my older one because it allows 200 free SMS (vs 100 SMS) and 20 free MMS (vs 10 MMS) (edit: and 1GB data vs 500MB data from previous contract) . So contract extension was not an issue to me. What tipped this decision was the fact that I use the 3G phone for photos a lot especially photos of little sen. And I want to be able to take HD photos (high def) and I want to be able to take videos of her various antics. My iPhone 3G doesn't allow video. I am missing many good memories. For RM1390, I will be able to capture these treasured moments - why not? Some argue that I could get a video cam for this which is true except, how many of you carry video cam around for candid shot? Or your SLR camera? There were many times that I was able to capture priceless photos of

Heart Wrenching

You know what is the most heart wrenching noise? A cry of a baby who fell and hurt herself badly! Poor little sen knocked her head on an edge and had a '5-storey condo' (read bruise) on her forehead. She cried and cried her lungs out and when we tried to put ice on her head, she just screamed. We had to pacify her by giving her favourite California raisins and reruns of Barney shows. She would keep on nodding when asked if she's ok. How brave is that! Ouch ouch ouch!

Maxis Fiber To Home Speed Test

Pretty impressive stats: Download/upload from a KL server: Download/upload from a San Francisco server: