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I am in love...

with the new iPod...

Cuti cuti Malaysia

Yay! I will be going for a 4D 3N cuti cuti Malaysia, starting tomorrow... some kind of road trip... YAY!

Leadership Symposium

I attended a leadership symposium yesterday and there were a few interesting speakers. Most of the presentations are about how it is all up to us as individuals to drive and make things happen. One particular topics on managing stress was really interesting and I thought I'd like to share it here. Basically what was said is that stress is a good thing. It is stress that drives people to excel. However, the successful individual are those that knows how to destress afterwards - those that knows how to relax. There was a story about how this person who is stress will work really well and get the job done. Once the job is done, that person will take a break and go somewhere to relax and de-stress. Another story is about another guy who, after getting the job done, continues on to another high stress job. This other guy never relaxes and after a few months/years, his health deteriorates. The presentation went on to talk about how powerful the mind is and that it is the mind that

Bill Harris leaves Gone Gold

Bill Harris, one of my favourite columnists in Gone Gold is leaving GG! Thankfully, he will still be putting out his brand of funny articles in his own blog @ blogspot. Phew.. at least I will still have my daily fix.


Yesterday I attended JC's wedding dinner reception in Concorde hotel. It reaffirmed my beliefs that wedding dinner is a total waste of time - both for the newly weds and for the guests attending the dinner. There was almost zero interaction between the groom, bride and the guests except for that measly table-to-table photo session. What is a wedding reception when there was no interaction with the main superstars? For example, the lady sitting next to me, LG, my ex-boss. She came in to the dinner at around 7.45pm. At that time the groom was nowhere to be found so she did not get a chance to meet him. During the whole reception, groom did not come over for a chat nor introduce the wife. Only during the photo session did the groom said that he's glad that she could make it and oh, please meet my wife. Then cheers.. and camera flashes... and off he went. At around 10.30pm, everybody was like getting ready to went off. We follow suit. And when we were at the front door of the ballr


Saw Spiderman 2 yesterday. Good show! Woke up late this morning because of Spidey. So I dressed for work and stopped by the usual Yong Ling Restaurant in TTDI that I frequented. I parked in the usual car park - illegal as it is a yellow line, but I figure, it should be ok since when I used to do it everyday at around 9-ish, not once did I get a ticket. So I was sitting there waiting for my food and drink and all of a sudden, a police car stopped behind my car. The policeman get out, with a notebook in his hand. One patron was shouting.. whose car? whose car... I looked up.. OMG.. I quickly walk towards my car. Policeman was in front.. about to start writing. Mr Patron shouted OI! Policeman turned towards sound.. saw me coming and warned me not to park here. I said yes sir, whisper thanks to the patron and drove to an open air parking place. Cost me rm2 but never mind. Walked back to the restaurant, food and drink are there in the table, said thanks to the patron again for helping