Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Left 4 Dead

I am hooked to this game.

I have not even finished Fallout 3 and now I am hooked to this one! This is different from Fallout 3 in the sense that it is a cooperative multiplayer. You play online with 3 friends and shoot zombies. Very tactical. Very fun.. and it's by Valve - so you can expect the quality of a Valve game.

Reviews here.


Hmm.. yesterday I posted the importance of 'yan yuen'.. yesterday evening something funny happened. Let me share.

I do lunch with Monica. Sometimes she would asked her team members to join us. There was this new team member that we went out lunch two or three times. Her name is Eunice (not her real name).

Yesterday morning I met Eunice as I was walking towards my workstation. I said hi, she said hi. Later in the evening, on my way back, we bumped into each other in the lift.

"Eunice.. what a coincidence!", I exclaimed.
"I think it's not coincidence.. more like we are both hardworking", she sighed.
"Actually maybe we have yuen (fate)".

After I said that, there was a tense silence. There were people in the lift but I don't think they heard us talking or anything.

The lift came to a stop at Concourse. Eunice turned to me, face red and said "I think it's not yuen because you are married already..". I was caught by surprise and said "Friends also can have yuen what".. I think she didn't hear me as she dashed out of the lift.

Hmmm.. funny or not?

Monday, November 24, 2008

"Yan yuen"

Mrs Wong told us that aside from praying for a happy, healthy and smart child, we need to pray that this child will have good "yan yuen". "Yan yuen" in Cantonese means have a good relation with people. She thinks it is very important for a person to be able to build good relationship naturally. She cited one 5 year old kid at her school - he came from a poor family - therefore this child is very dirty, dressed shambily, dark skinned, skinny and not good looking or cute.. and yet, despite all these, he's the favourite among all the teachers. It cannot be explained, this "yan yuen".. so it's very important we pray for our child to have this trait too.

Speed Dial number 6 available...

Going once..
Going twice..

he hee..

Now I have to choose a friend to populate speed dial #6 since my good friend emigrated to Singapore. As I combed through my phone book, there's none at the moment. Looks like it will be empty for a while..


I figure I needed a new tag, called family. The reason is obvious. Anne is expecting and this new journey deserved to be blogged and documented. We don't know the gender of the baby yet. Many would ask if I prefer a boy or a girl and my answer would be that the gender doesn't matter. The baby is still part of the family regardless.

Yesterday we visited a senior uncle and his wife. They are my parents-in-law's good friend and fellow faith-mates. I like Mr and Mrs Wong. They are very wise and often in conversation with them I learned a great deal.

One of the things that's been bothering me is what should I converse with my baby? Should I speak Cantonese (a pasar Cantonese since in Malaysia, we hardly speak in proper Cantonese) or should I converse in English? I am not good at either. My English is not the Queen's English and my Cantonese is pasar. What would my child turn out to be? Would he/she turn out to be another one of those kids who speak broken English or worse, one who speaks a mix of two languages.

Mrs Wong, who has been teaching kids for 15 years, gave a very good suggestions. She said a baby could learn up to 6 languages at a time. She gave an example: A Japanese father and a Korean mother. The father would speak to the baby in Japanese and the mother in Korean. The baby would be able to understand and response to both languages. When he/she sees his father, he would automatically associate these sounds/intonations/language to the father. When he speaks to his mother, he would use this other sound. The baby may not know that he's speaking Jap or Korean but he knows the intonation he should use on a person (father or mother). Mrs Wong said they associate person/face with a language. If they had a maid, the baby would use Indonesia with the kakak. Similarly, a baby would also speak to his grandparents in their dialect.

The secret then lies in the fact that one must be consistent in the choice of language when speaking to the baby. Mrs Wong suggest that if I use English, I must use English throughout. And if Anne use Cantonese, she should be consistent. My mother should use Mandarin and be consistent also. Then, when the baby sees my mother, the baby would automatically use Mandaring to converse. The danger or confusion arises when I use Cantonese AND English when speaking to the baby. That is when the baby will have difficulty grasping and will have a problem expressing himself in the future - when talking to his father, should he use Cantonese or English???? Mrs Wong told me not to worry about the broken English. She said as the baby grow up they would learn that about grammar error and will naturally correct themselves. But if you use a combination of Canto-English, then the baby would not know how to correct himself.

What a relief.. now, I know what to do :)

Friday, November 07, 2008

Fallout 3

It's not all work for me in 2008. I have been catching up on my gaming as well. Bought a new PC, finished Hinterland a couple of times, finally finished Half Life 2: Episode Two and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory. Both are great games. My only regret is that I didn't play most of Episode Two in my new PC - nevermind, one day I will play again.. one day I hope.

But this post is about the greatest games release in 2008 - Fallout 3. I bought the game through Steam and didn't regret it at all. It's all I wish it to be and it's been a while since I have had the pleasure to play a good RPG. So I am enjoying every moment I could spend on this game and would highly recommend anyone to try it out. Just google it if you want to read the numerous positive reviews. Be prepare for a perfect 10 score from all these glowing reviews.. :)

I worry...

I worry when people asked me if I am ok because they thought I have lost weight. This is not the first time I get comments like this. Actually, I feel good. I sleep well. I eat well. I am sometimes tired - not physically weak but I think it's probably because I am bored. And I am not sure why I am bored. I have enough to keep me going.. maybe it's because at this moment, my life state is low, I'm not uplifted enough or maybe I am weak spiritually! Ah, I think I need to chant a lot more!!