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Reality of life in Malaysia

This picture I took in Damansara Jaya is pretty interesting. You see a super expensive Brietling car. I'm not even sure how much it cost but it probably cost as much as a double storey house in a affluent location, meaning extremely expensive. And yet, the society this car is in is just so uncouth and uneducated, with mindless littering everywhere, despite a trash can nearby. Also, the fact that such a beautiful car is also dented at its side, probably while negotiating tight corners, shows how disparate the rich and the poor are. The gap is growing wide. Social unrest is inevitable.

When We Were Young

I enjoy Adele's songs. But I must say that her second single from her album 25, is my favourite of all. I'm a nostalgic person and this song capture nostalgia very well. The song is about you attending a party and the attendees are people who was in your life when you were younger - your friends, colleagues, bosses, school mates. And it is about a song about reluctantly growing old. Such a beautiful number sang by someone who is just 25 year old, no where able to reminiscence about old times, and yet, beautifully crafted and delivered. She's simply marvelous!

Corporate Rebranding

Years ago, I still remember watching an Apple keynote where Steve Jobs announced that most of Apple's products at that time, Apple TV, iPod, iTunes and iPhones (I am not sure if iPhones were launched then) are none computer related. So, it doesn't make sense for the company to be called Apple Computers. Instead, he said they are rebranding the company as simple, Apple. 0.02 Ringgit blog was launched in 2003. It's almost 13 years. Our money is worth shit. Inflation for the past 13 years probably have grown 500%. There's GST implemented last year which burden the population even more. We even implemented a rounding scheme such that if your retail bills is $2.56, the retailer is obliged to round it up to $2.60. Similarly, if your bill is $2.52, it will be round down to $2.50. If someone spotted a one sen on the road side, no one bothers to pick it up. The sen is totally worthless. And as such, my 2 sen opinion, if I still keep at insisting it be 2 sen, is worth shit too.

Rio water sport is infected with virus

The water in Rio de Janeiro, the city where Olympic Games 2016 is being held, is very dirty. It is actually sewage water and full of virus and bacterias. Athletes have already been strategizing to protect themselves. Some will try to build up immunity by arriving early, while others plan to avoid the water until just before competition in the hopes that the symptoms won't kick in until after the Games are over (the incubation period for viruses can last up to 10 days) via wired What I don't understand is, why did the Olympic Council allow Rio to host the Games? And why do athletes participate and risk their health? The only thing I can think of is that the sportsmen are treating this as a challenge. The challenge of a non-safe environment and how do you win by overcoming these circumstances. If this is the case, then looks like being dumb prevails against common sense.