New Slate

My blog has a new look. I love the old template, Tic Tac Blue, but the new year demands a new change. I have opted for a clean template. No frills, no nice decorations, no nice graphics.

Like my template, I hope to start this new year with a clean slate too. No grudge against Bonnie. No prejudices with people and things. Let the old dogs lie. Let go of any burden I am carrying.

I pray that I have the strength to do this though.

Let the new year begins!


  1. sorry man, i got to say this. Your new template looks awful!!!!!! So putih.. sakit mata gua

  2. Oui, I got a shock browsing your site ... :) terperanjat lah, ingat tersalah routed. HAHAHA.
    u could B too free, sampai buat this drastic changes hor :P ... anyway , have a good start :)

  3. yucks, black and while? You always like in a grey world.


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