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I owned many graphics card to power my 3D gaming. Most of the time, I bought Asus brand and I remember one time owning a MSI brand. 1.5 years ago, when I built a new PC with Core 2 Quad processor, I decided to buy a XFX branded nvidia 9800 GTX card. In less than 2 years, this card burnt! I just cannot believe it. I am not a power gamer. I don't have time for gaming. I game at most 1 hour a day.. there are many days in a week I don't get to power on my pc at all due to having a family life... and this card burnt out! How can that be! When I spoke to my friends ZipD and Dogbone, they said that they have bad experiences with XFX. This is it. What a poor quality control. No more XFX for me. In order to get a stand-in temporary card, I went with Sapphire ATI. Half the price, same raw GPU power and less power consumption and heat. Superb card, this ATI 5750. I hope the Sapphire brand will last.


Honestly, taking care of a baby is exhausting work. Little things like getting her a cup of water means having to walk to the kitchen, pour 3/4 of cold water and 1/4 of warm water, getting a spoon and then walking back to the living room to feed her - multiply these by 8-10 time a day and the multiply it for other chores - bathing her, pacifing her to sleep, going out to buy lunch/bfast, washing the cups, stelirizing them, doing the laundry, running up and down and up and down.....(a bad point of staying in a double storey house) .................. gosh! no time to even rest, watch TV, play PC, etc. I think this is like a ritual all parents have to go through. And after all these gruelling effort, we would be so used to work/activity that we don't need rest/sleep. Have you ever wondered why your parents seemed to wake up at 6am on weekends when they could sleep in? Now I know why .. coz you get things done while the baby/children is asleep! And I also know why my parents does not g

version 0.9

little sen version 0.9 had a massive viral attack. It happened during CNY and she developed a fever at about 101.8F. That is very high. And right after she recovered, her skin has rashes - the doc said it is pretty normal to see rashes after viral infection. And this week, she lost her voice. A baby! Losing her voice! The first time I heard of such thing. When she cry or scream in delight, all we hear is hoarse sounds. Poor little sen. She's much better now. Another update to her virus definition. At 0.9, she is already very mischevious and has been doing unexpected things. Little sen is expressive. She would make funny faces when she's angry or when she is enthralled by an object. She would spank your hand away if you offered her something she didn't like. She is also able to stand with assistance (still wobbly) and when she saw something she liked, she's very determined to get it and will climb every obstacles! She chews and is now able to make "yum" sound


Sometimes I entertained thoughts of changing jobs, looking for another role, maybe not even in IT, start anew. There are so many jobs out there! Why should I stay in one industry? Then I look at our household expenses. It's mindboggling! We have a fixed overhead of about rm7K a month! This includes house loan, babysitting fee, cleaners, catering, allowances to my parents, and my credit card bill which covers life insurance, utilities, mobile phone and occassional indulgements. So we worked our butt off for those stupid, standard expenses! What the hell! No wonder I can't afford a Camry!