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Blogger Images Part 2

I found this picture in My Pictures directory. Now, while I still remember the popularity of the teddy bear, I can't, no matter how hard I try, recall this particular toy. Who did it belong to? How did that person receive this toy? Perhaps rotitelur can help me remember. Or maybe Anti-Ringgit since he was still with our department at that time. And if you are wondering what the heck am I doing with these pictures, there's a short story behind all this. Back in 1999, my company bought a webcam. I was experimenting with the webcam and were looking for appropriate models. What was more suitable than all these toys lying around people's desks? So we 'kidnapped' these toys and force 'em to pose for the camera. Heh heh heh. So please enlighten me on this particular toy. Thanks.

Blogger Images

Blogger has a new button to easily upload image on the Compose window. We don't need the program Hello anymore. It is as simple as creating a link. Take a look at the quick tutorial here . This will make picture blogging more fun! With just one click I can even determine if the image should appear on the left, right or center. For the purpose of this test, I uploaded this image to the right of my text. Notice how my text are appearing on the left of this image, much like how one would lay it out in a newspaper. This image was taken using a webcam back in 1999. The teddy bear belonged to an ex colleague, Joey. His trainee gave him the doll when her assignment with the company ended. This doll, I don't remember her name, was an instant hit among the ladies. They would all come to Joey's workstation to marvel at her, gushing incomprehensible, adoring words and drooling all over her. I sometimes wonder if they were really drooling at the doll or at Joey. She was a hit among the

Doktor Cinta

Our own Dr Love has a new blog! LOLZ!

Alpha and Synchronicities

Sometimes synchronicity scares the shit out of me. Bahija talked about her personal experience here . This evening, I attended Alpha course to gain some "heart knowledge". Today was the Introductory session. I bathed and was ready to leave the house when mom told me I have a card. I looked at the card - familiar handwriting, USA postage, 80 cents ... connected the dots and voila, it was from bahija! Came one day early! What timing. Thank you bahija. So, your smallest credit card charges ever was to buy stamps for this? Wow... :D That was one synchronicity. I reached the church and the priest was asked to give an introduction. Father Simon looked like Habibi with retro hairstyle and 100 pounds more. It's uncanny. It's unbelievable. This is the other synchronicity. Sometimes, I am just so humbled. Probably bahija is the only person who understands today's post.

Every once in a while I stumbled upon blogs that are just so amazing. Postsecret is one of them. In this blog, people send home-made postcard with their most deepest secrets written on it to this guy, Frank, who will scan the postcards and put them on his blog. His blog is made up of artistic postcards of people's secrets, so it is very easy to read. It's astounding to see all kinds of deep secrets people have. What are yours? Ross (anti-ringgit), maybe you wanna send a postcard of your secret to Postsecret.. Oh on second thought, don't bother. We all know what it is anyway.. :D

What M$ Didn't Tell You

Do you know that you cannot have the font effect called strikethrough in M$ PowerPoint? Something as simple as that is not available in PowerPoint. WTF?

Medical Leave

As a team lead, I am always the first person my team contact whenever they could not report for work due to being sick or given the day off by the doctor. I work with a team of 12 people. Normally I would get a SMS or a phone call by the person who could not make it to work. These days, whenever I hear the standard Nokia sms tone, I'd start guessing who's the person who could not make it. Most of the time I was right. There seemed to be a disturbing trend, especially among the Malays, to call in sick. In my team, we have 2 Malays. The number of medical leave these 2 took over the past 6 months is twice as much as the combined medical leaves of the 10 non-Malays. I am not being racist or anything. The facts speak for itself. I am sure most Malaysian will understand the context I am coming from. Today, the Malay man told me he had a bad cough and was taking cough medicine so that was why he could not make it. How lame is that? In retrospect, some of my kwai lo colleagues have th

World of Feng Shui

Based on my birthdate, here's what says about me - that I am a male Ox with Water Element: "Your animal sign is Ox Your year name is Kway Chou The Understated Ox Gentleman. Hard and tough, strong and silent, a planner who plots his stratagem, you are the man who thinks before speaking. You are very sure of yourself and clear about what you want out of life. At times, you would come across as unfeeling and your sense of disdain for others too apparent. Your serene composure and modest exterior makes others misjudge you, as you are brilliant and easily able to assume leadership mantle. You are not very chatty, less flashy and visible though you know what you are talking about because you are widely read and intelligent enough to understand what you read. You are not particularly warm, loving or sentimental with matters of the heart but you are loyal to those you love. You also respond positively to intelligent and knowledgeable people. You like people who are sure of t

Anne's Birthday

I wrote this blog a few days ago after Anne's birthday but I hesitated to publish it. I guess I'm afraid that my friends will get all "cold" and "geli" - that's the type of feeling one gets when they hear some lovey-dovey story. Some will even puke. You know who you are :D I received numerous requests (well, if you considered 2 as numerous) from mystic and kimmikanuyi to reveal what I did for her birthday. Again, I hesitated but after hearing feedback from people that it's not laughing material but that it was a sweet of me to do what I did, I decided to post it today. Can't wait to hear your comment. LOL! ******* start ******* I am not working today. I took Monday as the replacement leave for Agong's (the King) birthday. You see, whenever a holiday falls on a Saturday, I have a choice of taking a replacement holiday either on the preceding Friday or the upcoming Monday. Today is also Anne's birthday. She could not take the day off becaus

Blogging at KLCC

Blogging at KLCC. Anne is working today to finish up some report. I am also supposed to finish my certification package which is due on June 15th. My boss has been chasing me to death for these documentations. As a technical person, I hate documentation. Anyway, so I decided to bring my notebook, sat in Starbucks KLCC to complete the damn thing. Knowing me, I was distracted. I have Internet access in KLCC. And it only cost RM5 per day! It's so simple. All I have to do is send a SMS to Maxis and they will reply me via SMS with a userid and password. With this userid/password, I could connect wirelessly through Maxis for the WHOLE day! Yup, the service end at 12am on the same day. It is FAST coz it is now a paid service (compared to a free service like in 1 Utama). It's cheaper than any cybercafe. Good old Maxis. Boy, was I surprised when I logged into my gmail. I have so many comments on my blog from my friends! And rotitelur updated her blog after 4 months. I wish she could blo

Ashamed of my friends...

A conversation with DroolMan (abridged): DroolMan says: ot questions Ringgit says: shoot DroolMan says: i have been reading your blogs, you really spend a lot of time on it Ringgit says: you do? oh. thx. Ringgit says: ai.. i dun write everyday lar. DroolMan says: and i was wondering, why have you *never* shown Anne to the guys? DroolMan says: even though you have been dating for so long DroolMan says: and seeing how Anne is so important to you Ringgit says: hmm.. i'm thinking.. is this a blog topic? lol DroolMan says: could be Ringgit says: well.. there is no reason lar DroolMan says: then?! Ringgit says: it's just that there's no correct timing Ringgit says: i dunno.. DroolMan says: i mean, you have been dating like what, 4 months? DroolMan says: and in that period of time you didn't even bring her along with your outings with ZipD, Miss Peace, DogBone and YY??! DroolMan says: i was beginning to wonder if you are ashamed of show Anne who your friends (us "seniors&

Grab the first mutant you see...

I chatted with Droolman today. I didn't know that he's a silent reader of my blog. Seems like I do have some other fans.. hey.. to all those fans who are shy, please say something in the comment so I know who you are :P We talked about an interesting topic. I asked his permission to c&p our chat into my blog. I will post that later. I reminded him that I c&p one of our converstaions verbatim last year. Did he read that? He said no. I gave him the link . We both read the old blog together. It seemed that he gave me an ultimatium last year.. that if I don't find a gf by my next birthday, I should just grab the first mutant I see. Somehow things fall into place and I do find one and she's no mutant. So, PHEWWW! But it is good to read back on our old conversations. Good times!

Tai Lo

I met up with Pata and Tai Lo a few days ago. Tai Lo came back from his assignment in USA. He missed his wife and son so much he decided not to continue with the assignment and instead looked into opportunity to start his own business in Malaysia. He's not one who likes to "tar kung" (be an employee) anyway so I guess it was quite easy for him to make the decision. 'sides, he's LOADED, so money is not a problem. I told Tai Lo and Pata about Anne. They were very happy for me. Tai Lo made a profound statement. He said, so now that you are at a different level (stage, "keng kai"), do you find that life is richer and worth living? Pata's wife is two or three months pregnant and Tai Lo said he's moving onto a fatherhood stage. He said different stage is very different and not boring (sien). I was speechless. I never expected a wise statement from someone like Tai Lo. He's always the blur type so this is really something unexpected and because of t

What's Your Style

Anne told me about her girl friend, SC, who was recently attached to a guy who works in a bank. SC told Anne that her boyfriend did not confess his feelings to her. All he did was grab her hand in a movie and since she 'allowed' it, he took it for granted that they are now a couple. However, SC really want to hear him say it. So, while they may be holding hands, she is harbouring a doubt. This is an interesting blog topic because basically guys have two 'methods' of expressing their intention. The first method is what we called 'action speaks louder than words'. The second method is of course, using words. The Action-oriented Guys dare not say how they feel. Instead they have lots of tricks up their sleeves ( si kiew ). They employ tactics such as grabbing the girl's hand during a movie or when crossing a road. If the girl did not pull back, the Action Guy would take it that she meant 'yes , I agree to be your girlfriend '. He would not feel a need t