Loud Women

Why must my sister screams when she speaks? I mean, when she talks, she's like at this noise level that makes a Hell's Angel motorcyclist blush. It is so high pitched and loud that it hurts my ears. She claims it is her normal volume. She says that she could not help it. That's how she speaks and I have to bear it. I say bullshit - how come you talk to your boyfriend on the phone, your voice is so low that it mades Joey sound loud on the phone! (Joey loves to "boil porridge" (talk on phone) with his friends and he could talk for hours and no one would notice because he would whisper - imagine a quiet office environment and no one knew he was on the phone for hours! Amazing feat, that).

The 3 women in my house are like the 3 Sopranos. When they talk, I think it's a Richter 9 Earthquake scale! No rooms can shut out the noise. And this is "normal conversation". Wait till you hear my mother sings or when she speaks on the phone!

People say that you can get used to it. People who stay in a city get used to the noise generated by the traffic. People who stay near mosque are used to the prayers call. Again, BULLSHIT! I live with these Sopranos for 30 years and I am still NOT used to it. Help meeeeeee!


  1. My mother talks very loud on the phone also. I bought her the cordless phone hoping that she could go into the room and talk. It did help a little bit. You can try.

  2. Hmm Hmm, this is my personal observation, I wish it is not true also. I hate it as well. I think that Hokkien mui (and Hakka mui ) tend to talk very loud. My mum talks loudly, my sisters ok lah (not as loud as mum)....BUT when all the hokkien muis meet together, ai seh men, we are like shouting to each other, like so super excited in our conversation. A lot of time, I would paused everyone, and said this " hey, cool down, cool down, lower our voice yeah, no need to shout"....but u know, it is FUN as well, be able to engage in Soprano conversation once a while ( not all the times la )..haha :P


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