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We saw Benjamin Button two weeks ago and then Slumdog Millionaire yesterday evening. I must say that between these two Academy Award Best Picture nominated movies, I enjoyed Slumdog more. It's not a feel good movie that Anti-Ringgit claimed it was but it is entertaining and exciting. Button was just too slow for my taste and too, how do you say, arty-farty. These days, not many people likes arty-farty show anymore.. I guess that's the reason why it only win 3 Oscars (out of 13 it was nominated)... If you have not seen Slumdog, I highly recommend it. Go see it in the movies.. the score was an excellent piece that moves and complemented the movie. Tonight - I am going to watch Platoon - a war movie which won Oscar for Best Picture in 1986. I have not seen this movie before, so it will be a trip down memory lane... Update: saw this in : These are the Best Picture winners... bold red are those I have seen.. 2008 - “Slumdog Millionaire” 2007 - “No Country for Old Men” 200

Growing up...

Our baby girl is growing very fast in the tummy.. She's in her third trimesters and people are saying that in this 3 months, her weight will grow double or triple! It's like lightning speed! Anyway, her movement are more pronounced - yesterday night she decided to stick her buttocks out and you could see an odd shape protruding out of her mother's tummy.. and when she decide to do some kung fu moves, you could also see a bulge here or there. Now I know why pregnant lady can't wear tights - it would be odd to see bulges everywhere. On a side note, still have not thought of a name for her. Any suggestions? Our plan is not to give an ang moh name but to have the Chinese first name that sounds like ang moh name.. Some popular choices which we are not considering are Kai Li for Kylie .. or Li Lian for Lilian - but you get the idea.


So I wanted to watch Slumdog Millionaire last weekend. I go to Google and type "cathay cineleisure".. the first entry came up and I clicked Buy Ticket.. somehow - and I think I was dead tired or blind - I just Page Down to the Slumdog entry and tried to buy the ticket. Fortunately the process failed - their servers down or something .. I then realized I was entering my credit card into Cathay Singapore!!! Wow... the danger of Internet booking! I almost kena charged SGD$20 for a movie I can't go see! PHEWWWW!


It's so hot these days.. not sure why. I feel like it's one of the hottest day in my life last weekend. Anne feels even hotter. Pregnant lady somehow produces more heat. I have not seen her sweat and last few days were an eye opener. It's so bad that she's getting rashes around the knees. We are putting on lots of talcum powder.. 3 more months and the baby is going to pop out! I can't wait :)


CNY just came and went! 9 days of holidays flew past - in a blink of an eye! It was a very hectic hols. So many visitations.. so tiring.. and there's this huge drama among ZipD and Droolman. Wish I have time to blog .. hopefully one day.. and then, no time for games! I can't believe I have no time for games when I have 9 days of hols... it's amazing.................... Then again, better to be busy visiting friends and relatives than have no visitations - like my next door neighbour. I noticed that his cars did not move at all during CNY. It's like he and his family was at home for the whole 9 days.. ha ha .. of course they are still alive - I checked. Then again, I could be wrong about their cars not moving - I wasn't home all the time either.. Maybe they did go out for visitations.