Thursday, July 28, 2005

Belief and Faith

What is the difference between belief and faith? That was one thing I remembered clearly from this week's Alpha. An example was given: there was this guy who has the remarkable ability to walk on tight rope. He has this rope across the Niagara Falls and he could just walk on the rope, cooked egg while on the rope and even wheeled a wheelbarrow across the rope. He was so popular that even one of the famous Dukes in England went to see him perform. So, he pushed the wheelbarrow on that tiny piece of rope and the Duke was amazed. He asked the Duke if he believed that he can do this again? The Duke said he believed. The master-walker said "then hop in".

And this is where the difference between believing something and having faith. Faith is taking the next step, taking an action, doing something.

Today, Loochoomus told me about this shares in KLSE that he's eyeing. He told me all the analysis he made. He asked me to go on this shares with him. I believe him.. but do I have faith in his judgement?

Well, I sold some of my shares and go into this one :D

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Monday, July 25, 2005

Yahoo! bought Konfabulator. Giving it out for free!

Good news, fellow readers! Yahoo bought Konfabulator and is giving it out for free.. Now there is NO EXCUSE to not using Konfabulator.

Read about my reviews of Konfabulator.

Go to to download version 2.1 which will not have the nagging shareware code.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005


I attended my first Alpha class yesterday. Nicky Gumble's video is really nice and thought provoking. I didn't really like the break out session though. I thought it was boring to hear other people talk and boy, the people in my group loved to talk. The worse thing was the moderator did not know how to moderate and allowed people to yak non stop.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

The Fly, Part 2

Today, The Fly reared his ugly head again. I am about to loose it if it's not because of being pacified by Loochoomus. I was driving home from Klang when he called me. He said that he has not seen me for a week (I was in SG) and wondered if I wanna come out for a drink. He was with Loochoomus. I said I am driving - besides, I'll be seeing Anne later, so I'll pass. My friend Daniel who was sitting at the passenger seat was sniggering and said that I should have told him off. He said you don't have to let him know your plans. Oh well..

I'm meeting Anne for dinner later. It was 3pm when he called. I still have some time and I decided to go for a drink with ZipD. I wanted to pass the cigarettes that I bought in the airport to his sister. So, we went to Lum Kee for drinks.

We were happily sharing our Battlefield 2 war story when The Fly and Loochomus came into the coffee shop and hit me on the shoulder...

"I thought you said you are looking for Anne?", The Fly accused.

"Later mah", I defended.

"Is this Anne?", he pointed at ZipD. "When has he changed name to Anne?"

I refuse to comment.

He looked at ZipD and asked if he changed his name to Anne.

Both of us did not response.

I wanted to retaliate by saying "do I have to report my doings to you"? but had second thoughts about it because... because... I don't know how why... perhaps I didn't wanna cause a fight between friends because of small matters like this. Perhaps it is really trivial. Perhaps he's lonely and I have pity for him as I know how it feels to be lonely (or do I? Hmmmm..)

But there's bound to be a threshold.

I hope he'll never cross that line.. and that I will never blow up.

Am I being mean? Am I too good, as Daniel has put it? "Em sai tiu hei ge", he said., when he asked me to tell him off.


Thursday, July 14, 2005


I am going to talk my experience with some Indians. I was going to SG for training this week. I boarded the plane on time and as I was leafing through the Krisflyer magazine, suddenly a young Indian lady stood beside me and said 'excuse me'. I sat at the isle seat so I politely stood up and let her in. Nice pretty girl with big eyes and good figure. Without saying anything, she unslung her bag and gave a feeble attempt to reach for the top compartment where we put our bags. She's almost 5 feet 8.. kinda tall but she didn't really try hard to reach at the compartment so I said "let me help you" and offered to open it for her. She did not look at me nor said anything and then she just passed the bag to me. I looked at her.. she looked back and then just went into the window seat. What the? I threw her back into the compartment and sat down in disgust! What a rude girl. I continued to leaf through and before I knew it, another Indian lady came over. I assumed it was her mother. Again, I stood up, she said nothing and before I could sit back down, the father came and said loudly "can you take this seat?" and pointed at the seat in front. I hesitated, the word "No" is at the tip of my tongue but decided not to make a scene I sat in front. I looked at my colleague and he gave me a "wtf" look.

So I took a nap and the plane took off and at one point, we came across a turbulance. The captain put on the "put on the seat belt" sign. Everybody returned to their seat, except, you guess it, the Indians. It seems there are more than 3 of them. They Family is scattered all over the planes. All I need to do is to look up and I see Indians standing or talking loudly all over the airplane. It's like they own the air plane or something.

This reminded me of the trip to Egypt where a family of Indians made a scene during dinner and almost end up fighting with a couple of Caucasians. I believe that was my first encounter with Indians. Seems like they like to travel in a big group and think that they own the world. My other bad encounter with Indians was the day I was watching a movie with Anti Ringgit.. we were lining up to buy ticket at TGV. Guess what? An Indian couple (and I am not talking about Malaysian Indians here), just walked right up to the counter, cut the whole queue and started buying! It wasn't a long queue and the couple who was supposed to be next was busy chatting to notice so nobody said anything... but I was aghast at their audacity and rudeness!

Anyway, back to my story. So these Indians were yakking and shouting from the right window across to the other window. I'm amazed that nobody complained. I guess it's because the trip to SG is short and nobody wanted to make a scene. So, all of us sufferred in silence.

As the plane started to descend and the seat lights belt is on again, our friends are still standing around. The air stewardress called to them, "Sir, please sit down." The man sat down and then 5 seconds later, he stood up again. The plane is about to touched down. "Sit down, sir" shouted the air stewardress as she unbuckled and came towards him. He sat down and stood up again. Did he has piles or something up his ass, I wondered out loud. The air stewardress gave up. The plane touched down and a few of our friends started to stand up to open the compartment. Can you believe it? The plane just touched down like 5 seconds ago!! Goodness!

The stewardress was probably pulling her hair out as she shouted from behind again "Sir, please seat down and wait for the plane to stop before taking your things." The man finally sat down. His family started giggling and laughing and talking out loud. I don't know what to say. I try to think that I am not a racist, but I can't help to think that this is somehow their culture. Those Indians who could travel are rich and therefore they think everbody is of a lower caste.

As I was recovering, I remembered that I have to meet rotitelur and her Indian husband on the same night.. I really wonder how rotitelur can stand Indians... :D

Friday, July 08, 2005

Can I ask you a favour?

Yesterday Bonnie came over to me and, I quote, said "Can I ask you a favour?". Woooo hooo.. See? I told you so. She wanted me to help her buy Avent baby products because I will be going to Singapore next week. Mua hahahaha.. Of course, I will buy it for her. I am nice... but it's just that somebody is eating their own words. LOL.

Google Earth

Google's Labs have been coming out with lots of cool tools lately: Blogger, Gmail, Desktop Search, Google News, etc. I was fortunate enough to be able to download their newest tool, Google Earth (there were too many downloads for the past few days so Google have stopped the download request).

Google Earth is a tool for you to type in an address and it will be able to zoom in from the globe of the earth down to the actual building. Imagine being able to see the places you have been or the places you are staying (at least for USA and UK currently) down to the actual building! It's amazing.

Take a look:

There are more sites at Google Earth such as the Golden Gate bridge or Grand Canyon. Beautiful.

Monday, July 04, 2005

The Fly

I have a friend who loves to look for me. He could have stayed miles away or in a faraway land and yet he would still drive all the way just to ask me out for a drink or breakfast (he stays in Sentul for those who are familiar with KL areas). Previously, he used to come early Saturday morning to my house, waited for me downstairs for half an hour or so, just to do breakfast together. How ghey is that? If he's not married with a kiddo and is expecting another one, my parents would have thought us a couple.

The worst thing of this strange relationship is that I have ZERO topics of interest to talk to him. Whenever he come, I'd make sure Loochoomus or someone is around. Otherwise I'd die of boredom. Seriously, there is nothing to talk. And his bored face will demotivate even the most excited child. Think of the kind of effect it will have on me. Everytime we met up I wish I would just disappear. I started hallucinating. I wish I am on drugs so I can be at least a little bit happier - yes... it is *that* bad!

Like ZipD said, at least DogBone has topics to talk. This guy is totally boring! I think the word bore is actually an acronym of his real name.

There were many times I avoided him, you know, not picking up the calls or not returning any missed call. He just didn't get it. I even told him off to his face. Nada. No result. Sometimes, going out breakfast on Saturday, I would put on a real pissy face just to show him how reluctant I was to be woken at 9am on a Saturday morning. Nothing works.

Then I met Anne. I thought I was saved. I thought he would at least understand. But that fucker went and quit his job and from being bored at his life (with a full time job), he's now almost bored to death because of too much time at home. Really.. imagine someone who has ZERO interest in life (no hobbies, no interest, no life, bla bla) and now he is at home 24x7! Of course he's bored. Of course he'd start calling me.. now EVEN on week days! Wo de tian ahh!!!! Someone please help me.

Tonight while I dating, the fucker called me. I silenced the phone. He called again. I switched off phone in disgust. And guess what? My sister told me he called my house! How ghey is that? People are dating, so stop calling, you prick! Before I move (to the new house), he would even come to my place without calling in advance. He'll just ring the door bell. I become traumatic when I hear the door bell. It's him.. no no no no no.. it's himmmm!

So, sometimes he would show up, right? And I'd be playing online games with ZipD or playing a single player game. He would sit beside me and just stare at the screen. Then he would put on a bored face. He would stare and be bored. Then he would move a bit here.. a bit there, as though being uneasy and uncomfortable and trying to tell me to stop playing so we could go out. Sometimes I feel bad. But when I think that going out = getting 10 times as bored at mamak, I put on my "ignore mode". I tell myself I am alone in my room. He's invisible. Let me play my games in peace. He will go away soon, oh please do go away.

My friends said I am cruel. You are single and have all the time in the world. So, accompany him a bit lar since the rest of us have family and have no time. Fine. I can accept that. I have endure it for so many years, after all. But the situation has changed. And I draw the line tonight! Seriously! Fucker.. STOP CALLING ALREADY!!!!

Friday, July 01, 2005

Religious Freak

Dr Love's blog is getting very popular these days. There were lots of hits and many people were pouring out their heart. There's this particular person who called himself Religious Freak who seemed to have an exact dilema that I had. Dr Love and Bahija thought I AM Religious Freak. I am not. I don't have to. Anne and I talked about this even before we started and we both agree that this will not be an issue. In this way, I am way luckier than Religious Freak, whoever you are.

Good luck man...