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Happy New Year, everyone!

Ok, year in review.. 2008 is the first year as married man. It's a year of 'doing everything together' - more so now than during courting time. It's the year of spending lots of time with the family (hers and mine). We went to UK and Paris for honeymoon . We tried and succeeded in conceiving a baby. We had our differences and we triumphed over them and became closer soulmates as a result. It's a year of being more serious about my Buddhist practice. I spoke to two people about Buddhism and they started chanting - which is a good thing. I am praying that they will find happiness out of this practice for self and others and I pray that they come out victorious in life. It's also a year of trials - as I worked with a new boss and a new team and a lot more focus and visibility to my role. It's a great year.. although not as exciting as 2007 (*) but definitely different, a year of learning and self discovery. (*) I realized I didn't blog about 2007 at all.. i

I am insane!

Yes. I admit it. I AM INSANE! I just could not resist the Steam Sale. I bought Trials 2 for $2.50 after reading this review and seeing this YouTube video: More on Trials 2 here . P.S. I don't even know why I blog about gaming here, knowing full well my readers have no interest in games.. what the heck.

Can you believe it?

I can't believe that Steam is having a sale! Everything at a discount! There are just too many good deals there but just not enough time to play! The kiasu-ching inside me is screaming BUY BUY BUY - fortunately I am more sane than that. I didn't get anything this time. I can always wait for next year's sale :P But seriously, there are some really good deals! Bioshock and Portal for $5 each! Rainbow Six Vegas for $18. Mana mau cari???

You know times are bad when...

... you hear a group of people singing "Happy Birthday" in Jusco Food Court! Normally, a group of friends would celebrate another friend's birthday in glamour diner like Friday's, Hard Rock Cafe, Modesto's or even Secret Recipe. This afternoon, while eating at Jusco Food Court, I was surprised to hear a bunch of people singing Happy Birthday and clapping loudly......... hmm... I guess, it makes financial sense to eat "chap fan" for birthday lunch..

Succumb to sales

The female species is a sucker to sales, especially year end type with loads of discount. When my friends heard of sales, they acted as though they were possessed.. all they see are %, % and $, $. My own weakness is when there is a sale on top games... just like this weekend. There's 75% discount on 2007 Game of The Year. It cost US$5 - FIVE bucks! I just can't resist! I feel so weakkkkkkkkkkkk!


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Facebook or not

Humans are social animal. We can't live like a hermit. We need to have friends and people. But the strange thing is, we shun away when there are too many friends and people. Case in point - one of the challenges of blogging in anonymity is that you can't share personal stuff like photos because what is the point of sharing these with strangers. When I found facebook, I stopped blogging because I could share so much more with people I know in FB. Then came the new found friends in FB. Acquaintance and people from work start adding you. Even people whom you don't really know but whom nod your head when you see them on the walkway in the office add you as friends. My FB is now almost like a public forum and I just don't feel comfortable "doing things" in FB. For example, I can't say in my status updates that I am playing games.. or I bought this games, or I am addicted to that games because, come on, let's face it - there are subordinates, colleagues and

Anniversary - Revisited

Two of my friends commented that they attended my wedding dinner on Dec 29th last year. So how can my anniversary falls on 18th Dec? Very good observations, I have to say. Dec 18th was the day we signed the document at Registra of Marriage in PJ. Dec 29th was the dinner, Dec 30th was the ceremony. There are so many dates to remember that we agreed to use Dec 18th as our official date - since it is a legally approved date. So that's the explanation :)

1st Anniversary!

Wow.. time flies! Today is our wedding's first anniversary! Can't believe how one year just flew by! It has been a blissful year, all things considered. Can't wait for the new addition to the family. I bet there will be more colours and joy :)

What I have been playing


Baby girl

I'm happy to say that we will be expecting a baby girl next May! The recent scan from the doctor confirmed that. Of course, the doctor said that it's not 100% accurate and she could turn out to be a boy but it is very likely. Every time I tell people about the gender, the response is "is this what you want?". Well, for me, I am ok with both but I personally prefer a girl as a first born. A girl would be able to take care of the family and the siblings in the future. And a girl is closer to her father (I know, selfish reasons.. LOL). But I also know, my duty as the only son in the family, would be to have a boy, to carry on the heritage. I wonder if my parents would mind? Don't know for sure. Nevertheles, my secret wish has come true.. he he he.. So what should I name her? Anne?


On Dec 2nd, I had to pull strings to get a friend to send me this game as a Gift via Steam. If she bought it before it was officially release on Dec 3rd, I get Grand Theft Auto: Vice City free. I have to teach her how to order the game online through a series of screenshots. The things I do to get original copies... looks like this year was a year I spent a lot on original games! I think it should last me till next year :) I upgraded my PC in July solely for this game. I didn't expect it to be ported to the PC this year. What a pleasant surprise! Gaming bliss!