Thursday, December 29, 2011

Apple Magic Trackpad

Today my friend and fellow iOS developer went and bought his Mac Mini. On top of that, he bought the beautiful Apple wireless keyboard. I followed him and I bought the Apple Magic Trackpad.

I have this to say: wow!

What an experience. Now, surfing the net and doing things on the Mac are just about swiping, pinching - all natural gestures - like how you would use an iPad.

I love the Magic Trackpad and would recommend it to anyone!

It's really magical!

Edit: let me elaborate why I think this is such a great device that, to me, totally replaced the need of a mouse; yes, you don't need a mouse anymore. It is that good!

When I browse a website using Safari, I could just two-finger push up and down to scroll up and down a page. Scrolling was smooth, much like in iPad. I could just swipe left to go back to the page before and Safari actually animates the page being swiped out - if you use Twitter for iPad, you will know what I mean. Swipe right to emulate 'forward' button. (somehow, Chrome for Mac supports the same gesture but it wasn't as smooth as Safari, so Safari is the preferred browser at the moment).

4-finger swipe to launch mission control, so I could easily see all the available apps. Similarly, 4-finger swipe will move between virtual desktops. Very useful when I use Desktop 1 for mails, twitters, RSS news, facebook, etc and Desktop 2 to read PDF manuals and Desktop 3 for Xcode 4.

3 finger tap to click and hold a window so I can resize and move them about. 2 finger tab to emulate right click (or Ctrl-Click)

These gestures are applicable in iPhotos, iTunes, Sparrow, Caffeinated, you name it.

Watch this video and be prepared to be blown away!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Fans of Apple

Nowadays, as you drive around the city, you will see lots of car bumpers or rear glass with the white Apple logo. Thousands of them. And when the iPhone 4S was launche in Malaysia, there was a huge queue in KLCC. I heard that the maxis folks worked till 5am just selling and registering the phones. That was how popular an Apple product is. And Apple product creates a strong fanbase.

I am an Apple fan. But I am one since 1988. Yes, 23 years ago! When I was in Form 3, I joined the computer club. My first computer in the computer club was an Apple 2 (it was written as Apple //). I think we had BMC clones of Apple 2 but the instructor's computer is a genuine Apple //e. It was my first exposure to a computer. I learned programming in it. I played games in it. This computer exposed me to the IT industry. I'm enthralled by it. 'It had me at Hello (world)'!

When I was Form 5, my father bought me one of those Apple clone. It's a second hand one. I remembered it cost him RM500. I was totally floored.

But, after that, there were many new models of Apple computer.. from the //e to //c to the Apple //gs, which has grahics and sound. That was what gs stands for - graphics and sound. I could only dream. I could only drool. It was too expensive to own one.

Then the mac came... and it introduced GUI and mouse. It has WYSIWYG. Do you guys know these term anymore? Ha ha.. If the Apple //gs was expensive, the Mac is like a 1 carat diamond. It was a luxury product. Beyond any affordability!

Since then, I only followed Apple news. I became a passive fan as I could not understand and appreciate how great the Mac OS was. My only experience and exposure was the inferior product: Windows 3.1 and subsequently Windows 95.

Then came the iPod. And it change the world. And it made an Apple product affordable to the mass consumer. After many generations, I finally bought the iPod nano first gen. I blogged about it in 2006. Then came the iPhone 3G, which I owned... and then the iPhone 4 and finally the iPad.

But even with all these amazing and affordable products, I never had the opportunity nor the pull to buy a Mac. I could only stand by and read the development of the OS X.. from Leopard to Tiger to Snow Leopard to Lion.

And the mac has evolved. There is the delicious macbook air, the world's lightest notebook, the beautiful minimalist and affordable mac mini and of course, the iMac.