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Rose Cottage

Rose Cottage, Tanah Rata, Cameron Highlands. This is our favourite escapade. Although we have not done it for many years, I do yearn to have an escapade back to Rose Cottage in Cameron Highlands. What do we do there? We lugged our PCs and set up a LAN and play PC games ALL DAY AND ALL NIGHT LONG.. and we ate Maggie Mee, junk food, drink Coca Cola, Nescafe, make our own Western Breakfast (luncheon meat, sausages, hard boiled eggs, red beans). Don't you think it's fun? It's not a cheap cottage.. About RM500/night. But it's nice, spacious, cozy and more importantly, it's very private and quiet.. so we can scream expletives all day too! :) Those were the days!

Hand in hand

Someone asked me to take a photo of my hand and little sen's every month. They say I'll be amazed how fast she will grow. Here's a photo I took last week. She's 9 weeks old.

iPhone Camera

Nice ah? Even though it is a 2.0mp camera, I bet you that the photos are much better than many other camera phones.. And the best things are that there are many apps available that you can download to spruce up your photos. Put some filters and special effects.. and your photos will turn out differently - just like what I have done here. So, what's not to like? :)

Up, up and up!

Unbelievable! A friend who was house hunting told me that over the past 3 months, prices in BU, and Taman Tun have been going up like crazy! A basic house in BU12 is now selling for 560K! Just less than a year ago , my neighbour told me that she bought her place, fully renovated, at 580K. Today, a basic house is already 560K! My friend told me he saw, with his own eyes, the asking price going up month after month! He regretted that he missed the boat when it was 520K just a couple of months back! He's now wondering if he should bite the bullet.

Don't cry over spilled milk

I'm sure you have heard of this idiom but have you ever wondered why they used milk and not other form of liquid? Why not water or soup or Coca Cola? Last weekend, we knew why. Anne was expressing milk from her breasts when it happened. Expressing milk is hard work. Lots of energy needed to press the pockets of cells/ducts around the breast to squeeze milk into the tits to assist the Avent pump she was using. Typically a session to express 6 oz of milk from both breasts take about 30 minutes. So, you can imagine the blood chilling wail that she produced when she spilled the container as she reached for the cover. All 6 oz and half hour of hard work gone! Nothing can be done. I have to mop the mess while she still 'cry'. No point crying over spilled milk, indeed!

Cabinets Part Two

This is in the dining area. Total damages RM5.3K. Ouch.

New Cabinets

This was what happenened this week. New set of kitchen cabinets. Nyatoh solid wood (doors only). Am very happy with it. Now my kitchen is more presentable.


Anti-Ringgit, the frequent flyer, is not observing self quarantine despite travelling to Australia and Philippines. My staff, Laila, asked me yesterday if she should self quarantined by working from home, because she's meeting her friend who just came back from Australia. One is indifference, one seemed to want to take advantage of the situation. Such is life.