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Today I bought two cans of Pringles (red - Original flavour) from Guardian Pharmacy. I am surpised that the bottle feel smaller, both in diameter and in height. One bite of the chip and I knew it taste familiar. It taste like Mr Potato's chips! I read the label. This particular Pringles were manufactured by Super Food (M) Sdn Bhd. Super Food, according to my sister, who works in this industry, produces Mr Potato. It looks like our cheapo P&G has contracted the manufacturing of Pringles to Super Food and Super Food, being Cinaman, is trying to con the consumer in paying expensive price for their lower quality Mr Potato. BOYCOTT! I say!


Wooo hooo... after waiting for almost 5 freaking months, Telekom Malaysia had finally sent someone to my house to install streamyx! 384kbps baby! Not a lot, I know, but sure beat the hell of a 56k modem. And the beauty of it is that the house phone still works while I am online :)

Kahwin di Egypt

If you are wondering what is the relation of Egypt with kahwin, welcome to the club. I have been trying to figure it out too. This morning, I woke up around 8+ am. Preparing to go to Matta with friends to check out our Oct trip to Egypt. Mom saw me and asked.. where are you going so early? I said I am going Matta. She said going where this time. Egypt, I answered. Nothing prepared me for her next comment. "Everyday also travel. You don't want to kahwin liow is it?" I am like WTF IS THAT? What does travelling and touring have to do with getting married? When I stayed at home in the weekends and play PC games, she said that I spent too much time indoor and that I should go out and meet people. When I go on tour - people meeting activity, she wrote me off as not going to kahwin. WTF IS WRONG WITH HER!? In that instant... at that very instant... I wish I can just leave her and go AU! I just want to be alone. I don't want someone who questioned me whe

Asus v9999TD/128

I am so busy feeling sorry for myself that I forgot to post that I bought this beautiful thing last week - 2nd September. This beautiful thing is the nVidia latest graphic card called the GeForce 6800. It has 128mb of RAM and is so powerful that it requires a power adapter to be connected to the card. A graphic card requiring a power socket! Imagine that!!! Phil bought it on my behalf because I was meeting a friend in 1U for dinner.


Women are spiteful. We were having this poll in the office on whether a pregnant colleague should be taken off shift. A lady colleague voted not to allow pregnant colleague to be off shift. But this particular lady colleague is resigning this month. If she's going to resign, what does she care if the pregnant colleague should go on shift or not? Why vote disagree? Why not vote agree? I mean, even though both are not "fren fren" you could still vote agree because you are leaving the company anyway! Women are so spiteful. And this lady who's resigning are marrying an ang moh in USA. Not that marrying ang moh is not good - it's just that how come people like that are so lucky? What of the old saying on bad people having bad consequence???

I love murky water!

Water Today I am extremely disgusted with the water that came out of our pipe. The water is milky white in colour. What the heck is this? Am I drinking poison here? This has been a huge problem with me. How can anyone stay in a country where the drinking water is VISIBLY dirty? How? How can anyone tolerate it? Imagine washing your face with the same water. Imagine drinking it! It happened in the old house in Segambut... it happened in this new place.. and yesterday, the water that came out of Plaza's tap was brown!!! You read that right. Plaza. The place I worked in. Taman Tun Dr Ismail - most high class and expensive residential in KL City. The water is BROWN!!! What are my tax money doing? With haze, heat and now water problem, this country can go to hell!!!


Don't go for looks; they can deceive. Don't go for wealth; even that fades away. Go for someone who makes you smile because it takes only a smile to make a dark day seem bright. Find the one that makes your heart smile. - Anonymous


I had almost enough with Bonnie. Bonnie is obviously a symbolic word for the people you have problem with in work. So this Bonnie at work is getting on my nerves. Bonnie complains a lot. Bonnie is selfish. He usually likes to put people in difficult position and think he's doing everyone a favour. This is probably vague without example so here's one. When I moved to the new place, Bonnie would asked loudly in front of everyone - when can we go to your house for a visit? It will be fun. Can we have BBQ at your place? What do you expect a normal person to respond? People will usually say yes. Which is what I meant by Bonnie putting people in a difficult position. I, of course replied No. I don't do BBQ. Thanks for asking. I often wonder, why don't Bonnie never volunteers and say why not come to Bonnie's house for BBQ? Coz he knows that it's a big mess to do all these stuff. He just wanna have fun. Bastard. Then the other month, Bonnie complained about the air q


I hate haze. I can almost taste the dust and the carbon when I walked out for lunch. WTF! Why am I even tolerating this? On the other hand, there's no bush fire (Au) or earthquake (Japan) or Hurricane (USA). SIGHHH!


Came back from HK. Here's what I did: Day 1: Friday Night - Met Greedy. Took me to her place in Central. Nice apartment. Very cosy even though small. Situated in Hong Kong island - walking distance from Central MTR. Near Lan Kwai Foong, so you can tell it is a posh area where expats usually hang out. The apartment is a one room apartment. It's so small that when I sat on the couch and extended my leg, I could touch the TV cabinet. LOL. - Went for congee.. yum yum.. I had pei tan chook. We ordered a bowl of wantan. HK wantan is purely made of shrimps. No pork. It's like eating har kau. Drool Day 2: Saturday - Greedy still asleep so I went out alone. Had a good time walking up the hills early in the morning looking for things to eat. Wish it were cooler. I sweated like a pig. - I had Starbucks and fish ball noodle for breakfast. - We had dim sum for lunch/tea. So, so only. Everything is big portion. I am so full. Not sure why the Hongkies are slim when the servin