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I saw in a TM Net advertisement bunting in a shop 1U. "Percuma - modem wayarles".. I can only gasp and shake my head at the utterly shocking term used. I hope it is created by the shop and not by TM Net because if it is, it's really embarassing. You can just take a English term and tried to Malaysianized it. Or can you? These days we see words like telekomunikasi, harmoni, wayarles. LOL


Today, one of my good friends told me that he's migrating to Singapore. His wife has a transfer and they are moving their family there. This year, people I know are emigrating: 3 families moving to Australia and 2 to Singapore. That's a total of 10 working adults, professionals in their respective area. Don't you think this brain drain is alarming? Or, is it opportunity for us in Malaysia? For me, it would be an opportunity if Malaysia is a safe place and that the standard of living is high. At the rate of how things are these days, we are regressing to Ice Age. And that does not spell opportunity to me. What's the use if you have the best job and the best pay but you live in fear and your money can't buy you stuff anymore? What do I do now? *exodus - n. a going out; a departure or emigration, usually of a large number of people: the summer exodus to the country and shore.