Thursday, December 24, 2009

Starbucks and Jusco

I just learned that if you flash your Jusco card in Starbucks, you get
10% off! Wow, this is news to me but I've already finished all my
Berjaya sponsored coupons :(
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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas!

My early Christmas/New Year gift from a friend is...........

(( drum roll....................... ))

Woooo hooooooo!

My friend helped me to get this by pulling string with another friend who works in Microsoft who is able to get this at an employee store at employee price. I am not sure how close they were but it was still a big favour. I understand that asking favour is not an easy and nice thing to do, so I really appreciate this and is indebted to my friend.

The Windows 7 packaging is cheap. It consist of a plastic box (and it's the cheap plastic type, not the hard clear case that Windows Vista came with). This cheap plastic box is covered by a paper box that you see above. If it weren't for the hologram disc, I could have mistaken this to a made-in-China-bootleg copy.

I can't wait to go home and upgrade my PC! YAY YAY YAY!

The manual and the two installation disc - one is for 32-bit, the other is for 64-bit.

A pictorial view of the cheap plastic. Note the "Microsoft Company Store Purchase" sticker.



My wallet and credit card is doomed!

I have already said that I don't have time to play games. But I have this OCD to collect games, in the hope that one fine day I will have the time to play. So I kept on collecting stuff from Steam Sales.

And now, they are having their annual store wide sales. HELP!!!!!!!

(I feel as helpless as a woman when they see a sale... gosh!)

Monday, December 21, 2009

Kepong Restaurant

In the previous post, I posted a photo. I took it during a wedding dinner in a restaurant in Kepong. What amused me was the fact that the dishes are brought into the dining hall in a trolley. So one waiter will serve about 8-9 tables at the same time. This is a first for me, in a wedding dinner. I have seen this in a dim sum restaurant but not in a wedding dinner. I thought it was damn efficient! We finished the dinner in about 1.5 hours :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Lunch @ Curve

Meeting up Bahija and Dragon Queen in The Curve for lunch today. He
he. Bosses are away so the mice starts to play. Here's a photo of
Christmas deco in the Curve.

Why am I blogging so much today? Don't know. Bored I guess.


Gosh - I have developed a new OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. When I see games on sale in Steam, I want to buy it.. even though I know I don't have the time to play them. Steam is a digital distributor/online games store. Whenever you buy a game, your account is tagged with that game. You can download the game from any PC and play it. It's also a social network platform. My friends will see me in a game. They can chat with me when I am in a game (or technically, since they know I am in-game, they shouldn't disturb me :P ) They will also know what games I own and can join me in a multiplayer game if we both own the same game.

And Steam knows about my OCD, which explains the reason it has weekend sale, mid-week sale and holiday sale. Essentially, I am paying US$5 or US$10 per game, every week, so that I can have the game listed in my account. Someone said it more eloquently than I could and I quote that person: "I realized I'm giving Valve money to put game titles on a list. I don't even download them, they just sit on my "My Games" list, and theoretically I own them, but I don't play them. "

I need help! :)

So what I am doing is being smart about it.. as much as I could. I made a list of games I want to play. I prioritize the list. Whenever I see a game in the list that is on sale, I will grab it. At least, it's a way to control my OCD.

Besides, potentially I will be out of job.. so I should not spend so much :P


This morning I waltz into my favourite fish ball noodle stall only to hear the helper, an Indonesian maid, screaming "saya perempuan!" She said this twice and then the owner, who was staring at her, banged the table and scream "perempuan apa besar!". He almost hit her. Everyone in the restaurant was staring at the two of them. I backed off from ordering. I didn't think it would be appropriate to interupt and say "mai fan noodle please!"

This incident reaffirm my thoughts that maids bring out the worse in someone. This fishball noodle man is very polite, soft and always smiling when he takes my order. Sometimes we had some slight chit chat and he's a really nice person. I cannot imagine him smacking a fly, much less a maid. Something must have happened to cause him to bang table and screamed at the maid. I'm not implying the maid is right or wrong - it's the fact that having the power to lord over another human being bring out the worse in a person.

Be wary of this point when you are looking for a maid or if you are an employer.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Cross Road

I am at a cross road now. I managed a technical team in my job today.

My boss wants to change the composition of a purely technical team to include sales, marketing and technical without additional headcount. This has a few implications:

1. I will have to redeploy some people to other areas i.e. help them find another job . To backfill them, I have to look for sales and marketing people instead

2. our existing services to our customers will be affected because I will have less technical people to do the work

3. my role will change from a technical manager to a sales/marketing manager.

My boss doesn't seem to care about the technical services we have rendered thus far, which explained why he could just change the set up of the team, just like that. In fact, during this change, we both agreed that I am not the right person for the new role he envisioned it to be. However, he told me he appreciated my contributions and would like me to take on a regional technical leadership role that he planned to create.

I am not so keen on that regional role mainly because I don't want to work for him anymore. The regional role will carry the same set of measurement I carry today.. maybe more.. but I have less resources to execute it. Knowing his style, he would delegate all technical problems over to me and I forsee that I will have a challenge to support it mainly due to lack of resources. I cannot hope to get guidance from him. Having worked for him for 1.5 years, I can only dream of any guidances from him. I could forsee me going to the monthly review with his boss and got shot at and he probably not helping much / or he giving suggestions which are not executable.

Two of my key leaders are affected by this and will be moving out. It shows how 'cold' he can be. It also shows how much he appreciated all the hardwork/success we have put in. He has no part in growing the team to where it is today but he exercised the power to claim it as his own and change how he envisioned it to work. Now, I will have to take on these two leaders' responsibilities, including daily execution and operations. Capacity would be a problem on my end. I forsee even longer hours. Which is not an issue if I were highly motivated or I feel it is worth to go through this for my boss .. Unfortunately I don't feel that way.

We are going through the transition. I need to ensure that my team transition successfully and manage any issues that are bound to surface. After this, I will need to look out for myself. I have to look for a job either internal in the company or external.

At the moment, I am not feeling at the top of the world. I need to pick myself up and continue to maintain a high life-state. These challenges are inevitable and I need to address them with a clear mind. If I wavered, you could imagine how the current staff would feel. So I need to be strong like an oak, even though I am fighting against a turmoil internally.

Wish me luck and success!


Bahija and I had lunch in a coffee shop. The cina coffee shop type that has no a/c. Bahija came first and she could not find a table so she share a table with a man. This man looks like a blue collar worker. When I came, he was chatting with Bahija.. very friendly guy.

What surprised me was that he kept on commenting and interjected our conversations. He commented about food in this coffee shop, said it's nice.. and then started asking me personal questions like what do I do, where do I stay, am I married, how many kids and at the end he even asked me for my telephone number so that he can one day asked me out for yum char and consult me on PC related matters. On the other hand, we also learned what he do for a living (he sells spare parts), where he stays, the reason he's in this neighbourhood, etc.

The whole thing is kinda weird. How could one stranger asked so many things.. and he seems harmless but yet, why asked for telephone number. I have a suspicious that he's interested in Bahija and would probably one day called me and asked about her. Of course, Bahija doesn't think so and think that he's probably stalking me. Why would he? I am not as good looking as Anti-Ringgit - eh, AR, you are not the only person kena stalked ok! :P

Anyway, let's see what happened. I told Bahija that I'd probably not pick up any phone from him. Bahija seems to think he can be a potential 'prospect' for me to talk to him about Buddhism.. LOL .. who knows, maybe it is fated that way.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


In the past couple of weeks, I had a couple of gatherings with friends and their immediate families. Bahija and I talked about this earlier this year, after one gathering during CNY, but I felt it more this time around. Somehow, I felt that these big gatherings (big is defined as more than 3 couples i.e. 6 people and kids) is kinda pointless - the crowd is too big to have proper and intimate conversations. And with the kids running about and seeking the parents attention, including my own baby, I wished that the dinner would end faster so that I could run back home to my quiet cave. The dinner felt more like a 'work' than an enjoyment. The environment was not relaxing at all!

So perhaps we can ditch the families when friends need to gather. That's the way I see it. Let the wife and baby stay at home (in fact, I am sure they would appreciate it too) and let us friends just hang out in a cafe or some nicer eateries so we can chit chat and catch up. That's the whole point of these year end gatherings, right?

As we grow in life, we are already losing touch with our friends as we are caught up at work and at home. We should be paying 100% attention to these friends during these rare outings. Otherwise, the whole point of the gatherings will become moot.