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Picasa is a photo organizer software from Google. It is a freeware. I use Picasa for a couple of years and have not turned back since. Google has also launch Picasaweb to allow user in Picasa to publish their photos to the web. All it takes is just one click. Today, Picasaweb launched a "Google Earth" integration. That means, I can now point out in Google Earth where this photos was taken. QUITE COOL! Take a look at this test gallery and start tagging your photos to Google Earth!!

The Fly Part 4

I wanted to talk abt The Fly today. I have not met up with him for almost 6 months. Thank goodness for that. Last week, during the so called house warming-get together, I invited him to join the gang.. and regretted EVERY moment of it. The minute he came into the house and saw my Dell 2407WFP, he said he wanted to buy one also and that the price is cheaper now. I nodded and asked him to go ahead and buy. Then he saw my wallpaper, running Earthview and he wanted it also. And then he was looking at my PC at the games I have. I don't have much games because I was clearing up my PC to prepare for Windows Vista and he saw this one game called Fate. It's a Diablo-like game and he wanted it! OH MY GOODNESS! PLEASE LEAVE ME ALONE! Baliant asked him, why don't you continue to play WoW? He said what game is that though he has been playing that game for 6 months. Baliant said World of Warcraft!!!! He said oh, I called it Darbelew-Oh-Darbelew and no WOW. OH MY GOODNESS! PLEASE HELP


Last week, I invited a group of friends over to my house - some sort of a house warming. We met at my place and then went to Italiannies in The Curve for dinner. The topics that we discussed turned out to be Malaysia - our politics, policies, security and economy. What surprised me was that most of my friends has this very negative feeling abt the country. I mean, there are some things I don't like about MY but my friends took it to a new level. You can see anger and hatred seeping from their skin! If I were to take a neutral stand and analyse the state we are in, I'd say that we are at a much better state than our fathers. In the last 30 years, MY has really improve. Standard of living is high but it has improved tremendously compare to what our fathers live through. At my age, my father stays in a 400sq ft flat. He drove a 3rd or 4th hand Toyota. He had 2 jobs just to feed the children. 30 years later, the situation has improved by leaps and bounds. People are working from ho


Sometimes, doing kind things to someone will bear a pleasant and unexpected returns. Note to self, be nice to people :) Back in 2000, I went to London with anti-ringgit. Someone in office, a fellow colleague, asked me to buy a pig soft toy from Kensington for his friend. It's a huge soft toy but I like the guy and I helped him out. He remembers this favour and today he returned in kind by helping me on something. Simply amazing!

Washington Potrait

Yesterday, Anne and ringgit went to SS2 to hunt for bridal shootings. We found a shop behind SS2 police station called Washington Potrait. They gave us a very good deal - rm2,500 package which includes 2 albums with 40 different poses, outdoor shots, wedding gowns, evening gowns, costumes, etc, etc. The best part about this deal is the fact that our family members could also come and be part of the album - something new that we requested, which the shop manager amicably allow. What this means is that instead of 40 different pictures of just Anne and ringgit in our album, we will have pictures of our parents (maybe their modern wedding photos, ka ka), Anne and her sisters, my sisters and I, a group family photos, etc etc. This is probably the first wedding photo albums that includes the whole family. Hmmm.. I hope the album will turn out fine. It goes without saying that the family was thrilled at this idea. And we imagine that the other relatives and friends will be laughing and joyful


I love sandwich, specifically turkey ham sandwich. And I love Subway. I wish we have cheap sandwich in KL. This evening, I spent RM11 on a 6 inch Subway sandwich. What a rip off. But what to do, I needed to eat sandwich. I think I can fix myself a sandwich and I have a good mind to do that. I believe RM20 could probably satisfied my sandwich hunger for a few days if I were to get the 'ingredients' myself from Jusco. Any tips from my dear reader on how to make good sandwich?


When I travelled to Dallas, I used American Airlines. I liked AA because it was a direct flight from Tokyo and it reached Dallas on a Saturday morning. If I slept in the plane, that meant I would be able to adjust to the timezone very quickly. The stewardress left you alone, which suited me fine, and they were genuinely friendly (or unfriendly) - there's no fake stuff you see in an Asian airline. Anyway, I collected a fair amount of mileage but never had a chance to redeem them. American's mileage had a 3 year expiry so I wasn't worried. Lately, they changed their policy. Unused miles will expire in 18 months! That's a bummer. What am I supposed to do with my 40k points that I have? I can't change to any domestic flight nor hotels because I am not in USA. I started exploring my options and to my delight I found that I could convert my points into gift certificate . 40k points entitled me to US$185 gift cert! WOW! That's almost RM650 worth of stuff I c

maxis Broadband

My maxis Broadband (wireless) came today. Worked like a charm, though at a lower speed than what I was used to. Oh well, beggars can't be choosers..