1st Day at Work

7 early 8 early, my Proton car window failed to work. It went down and didn't want to come up. Proton car owners all over the world is now looking at the sky and sighing "Proton!!!" . Ai.. what to do? Made in Malaysia mah.

I had my peer review. Strangely, Bonnie, did not "teach me a lesson." Hmmmmmmm... Overall, very good feedback from 14 people. Boss was impressed :P

Maybe I'm a natural born leader. LOL thinking about this! Ha ha..

Finally, it seems that ALL my readers hated the new template. For the first time in my hundred of posts, all of you provided comment on the same topic! Amazing. But I will not yield to all these temptations to change. White is good. White is pure.. Do not try to taint it, you evil people you! :P

After I published this blog, my choice of words, "1st Day at Work" struck me. I still remember my first day at work in this company. I came to the office around 8am. I am supposed to go to the reception to meet my manager at 8.30am. Having nothing to do and not willing to wait at the reception, like a "so chai", I decided to hang around the ground floor lobby.

That night before, my friend's girlfriend, SK wonder if I will be meeting her friend, Greedy whom she said started work in the same company a month ago. I didn't know Greedy nor how she looked like. I was supposed to meet her when I visited Australia. She was sick at that time (or maybe anti-social) so she didn't come to the Great Ocean Road tour with us. Anyway, SK said that Greedy is very tall. You can't miss her.

So, there I was at the lobby watching people, when all of a sudden, Greedy walked past me towards the foodcourt. I knew it was her. Such a tall girl. I don't think I have met any girl as tall as I am. She was wearing black.. from top to bottom. Later I learned that that's her trademark dressing.. LOL! (Greedy, you still have that striped T-shirt? Black-white-black lines :P)

So 8.30 and the manager came to accept me and took me to 19th floor. I was introduced to my new colleagues. Anti-ringgit was with SamSee at that time in this old dumb terminal. I remember him because he was really LCLY. When the manager was figuring out which workstation to put me in, she commented why not sit behind me since it is hardly occupied at all (that was anti-ringgit's workstation). He quickly turned and said "MUST PAY MONEY!". Sei anti-ringgit. I knew you "fat chin horn"!!! Celaka. This anti-ringgit didn't want to sit behind boss, see, so he always hide in this obscure dumb terminal behind Greedy to do his work. So, his workstation is really empty and yet he refused to let me use it. Double celaka!

Anyway, then we walked to the other aisle and I was introduced to Greedy. I said, "so we meet at last" and boss remarked "you two know each other?". I was trying to explain to boss that Greedy is a friend's friend. Before I could finish my attempt at explaining friend's friend, Greedy said "we have a mutual friend." Boy! I was impressed. "Mutual friend" compared to "she-she-she's my friend's friend". POWER ENGLISH!

To anti-ringgit's credit, while he may have instilled a LCLY (arrogant) first impression on me, he was also the one who initiated all the group lunches and therefore makes my joining the group so much easier. Everyday we had lunch - me, anti-ringgit, Greedy, SamSee and a few others.

I also remember when I first met kimmikanuyi. It was also in 19th floor just beside the procurement workstation. She's Greedy's friend, you see, so my first meeting with her was when she showed off her new Nokia phone. Wah.. so envy that time. Purple metalic colour phone some more. At that time, hand phone was really a luxury. There's one time she told us that she has to change all her wardrobe because she said she cannot wear "loud" dresses while she was mourning.

Time flies eh? Almost 9 years liow since we first met. Brrrrr.


  1. OH ! this is a good flashback...all happened in 19th floor :). This triggers me to blog my version pula - but I'm only allowed to blog after I've submitted my assessment report :( , pls pray for me, mentally support me, push me to finish IT !!

    Fun to think of 'Hari Ini Dalam Sejarah', geee - 9 yrs!

  2. I remember that day, I remember exactly where we were standing when LG introduced us, it was in front of the huge steel cabinet where all the system manuals were kept. I remember which striped T-shirt you are talking about. It was my favorite at that time. I looked tall and slim in black :-)

    9 years, dun play play....


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