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You think your company is cheap..

How's this? Last year, my company decided to cut cost and remove coffee/tea for its staff. Instead, it installed a vending machine where one have to pay to get our daily caffeine. Then a year later, they increase the price of the coffee/tea, because, you know, sugar price hiked. Of course, we still get free flow of filtered water.. until last week, when the company announced that, in the guise of supporting a greener environment, that they are not giving us paper cups for the water anymore. Water is still there, you just have to bring your own mug. Well, if you are a salesperson and have no fixed workstation and is mobile, where the heck will you store your mug?! RIDICULOUS!

Stroke of bad luck...

Last year, at the end of 2012, my home PC motherboard finally burnt. I remember I was enjoying XCOM Enemy Unknown when it happened. I took leave to play the game but the PC kept on hanging. So, I had to buy a new motherboard. Today, that new motherboard burnt! I cannot restart my PC? It didn't beep. It didn't go into POST. It just hang. Nothing on the display. The monitor was in power safe mode, meaning that it didn't get any signal. What a sad panda day for me! No PC means no gaming, not that I have a lot of time for gaming... Oh well, maybe it is a sign........... I should save money. No year end Steam sales for me!

Poor Service

7 years to go to reach Vision 2020, Malaysia's goal to be a developed country and yet we see this today: This morning I was in the Touch N Go office beside Damansara Toll to top up the Touch N Go card. There are two counters, one for cash and one for credit card. They sit beside each other. A woman was in the credit card counter filing a complaint. She was filling up the form and talking to the person behind the counter. Behind the woman was a man, waiting to top up via credit card. I was behind the man. There was no one else. The man and I waited for almost 10 minute. He asked the cash counter woman if he can top up at her counter. She said no. And she continue to sit idly while 2 customers are waiting. And I am not sure why she didn't take over and handle the complaint. Or just top up for us, come on! So we waited and waited. Where is the customer first mentality! Positive spin: well, the lady customer was pretty attractive to look at. SIGH!

Great Day

Last Friday was one of the smoothest days I have ever encountered. By smooth, I meant that many things seemed to happen like a clockwork and I got many things done. I took the day off and so I decided to do a few things - meet up with ZipD and go see a dentist. But I have two things I need to do in addition - go back to the office in the morning to collect the Noppoo keyboard because I finally found a buyer. So I sent my daughter to MIL house at 8am and the traffic from Persiaran Surian to BU was smooth. Typically it would be quite jam so I managed to reach the office by 8.20am. Grabbed my stuff and went to my mother's house in Kepong. I went for a nice pork noodle mee and then took a call with my boss from 10.30am-11.30am and rushed to Mid Valley to meet my friend ZipD. It's a Friday and many people tell me it is madness to go Mid Valley, especially during lunch time. There was some slight jam in Federal Highway and the moment I went into the parking, just at that moment of

The difficulty of being a parent

Yesterday night, Kat wanted to go downstairs to see his mother who was making milk for them. Jane accompanied her down and I said I wanted to make sure Kat is safe. She's 2.5 year old after all and going down our stairs can be dangerous. They both didn't like me coming along and whined about it but I insisted. Then Jane shouted at me to "go back into the room". That pissed me off! I told her straight that I am your father and you don't shout and order me around. If anything, YOU should be going back to the room and I stormed downstairs. I don't know where she learned this from. It's obviously not from me nor my wife. We don't order them to bed or to the room. As I sounded my frustration to my wife over such a incredulous tantrum, she said that she obviously learned it from somewhere (school or TV or something) and that she doesn't know whether it is wrong or right and it is our job as parents to educate her that shouting and ordering father back

Disastrous Day

This is the temperature after we stopped at the R&R and cooled down the car I took Friday off. My father want to visit a very sick uncle in Brunei. This uncle is his brother in law. He's a great person and my father put a lot of priorities on families, so he wanted me to go with him. We booked a flight in Air Asia. Supposed to fly off at 1.45pm. As we drive to the airport at around 11.30am (I know it is a a bit tight but I had a teleconference at work and have to stay on.. but I figured 3 hours.. why not) - I notice that my car started to heat up. The temperature is rising as we drive in Elite Highway. It got so high that we stopped in the nearest R&R and pour water into the engine to cool it down. More wasted time. Then we reached the airport at 1pm and they refused to let us in! Said that we are too late. We appealed to no avail. So we changed our ticket to the following morning - 6am flight and drove back home. Along the way, it started to pour and we had to stop