Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Good things..

Weather's cool. It has been raining for the past few days. It's wonderful when it rain. It's more quiet and serene.

What better things to do than to go for a nice massage. So, Alpinesis and I decided to go to this Holistic thingy in Bangsar for a massage. It was very relaxing. While I was day dreaming, an old conversation with an old friend came flashing back to me:

Old Friend: "Why wanna migrate? Malaysia not good meh?"

me: "What's so good?"

OF: "Ai.. you don't know how to enjoy.. good things are cheap here.. like, for example a good massage. It's rm60 here. Try to see how much it is in Western country. IT WILL KILL YOU. Anything labour or services cost a bomb there. Do you want to fix your own plumbing? Or assemble your own furniture? Or, gasp! fix your own car?"

me: "Well, at least their food and groceries are cheap."

OF: "BOLLOCKS!... can you get a nice cup of tea for a dollar? I am not talking about those crappy 3-in-1. I am talking about a nice teh tarik with milk and sugar. What about movies? Have you even tried EATING OUT in USA? The tip itself will turn you pale!"

me: "um.. um.. car is cheap!"

OF: "Petrol is not"

me: "Public transport is efficient"

OF: "Try walking to the train station in winter"

me: "There you go! 4 seasons!"

OF: "You have a/c in Malaysia and with the right technician, you can *cough* cut your lektrik bill by half"



I give up.

So, something positive about Malaysia in my blog eh?

Perhaps it is the nice rainy weather.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Compliments.. from Bonnie!

Bonnie you know
ringgit ?
Bonnie i think this time your hair cut is nice
Bonnie make u look good
ringgit wow.. two compliments... Thanks..
Bonnie better MUCH better than most of your prev hair cut
Bonnie which makes u look fat
Bonnie :))
ringgit wellllllllllllllllll
ringgit yat fan ching yat fan for
Bonnie ooo meaning?
ringgit last time i stopped going to my regular saloon because i wanna try this Express Cut in Ikano
ringgit express cut = rm12
ringgit but after 4 cuts i didn't like it
ringgit so i went back to my regular lor
Bonnie how much
ringgit rm36
ringgit plus wash
ringgit express cut no wash
Bonnie WAH
Bonnie 36 bucks????????
ringgit ya lor
ringgit so yat fan chin yat fan for
Bonnie so ex
ringgit so maybe i alternate next time
ringgit LOL!

Saturday, October 15, 2005


This week is relaxing week for me. I took 5 days off from work. Anne took 3 days off. Among some of the activities we did together were a lot of bonding between my family and my friends with her. She came over to my place and we did lunch with my family. Later, she met up with Loochoomus Prime. Yesterday, she met up with Bahija, Anti Ringgit and Miss Peace. All in all, a fruitful week, I must say :)

The 5 days just flew by... I can really understand the phrase "how time flies". It did! One more day and I will be back at work. Sighhh...

Les Mis

I went to see Les Miserables in London in 2002. Les Mis was shown in Palace Theatre, London West End. Palace Theatre hosted Les Mis for almost 18 years. I read somewhere last week that they have changed the venue to another theatre in West End. IMO, this is a sign that Les Mis popularity has dwindled. It was taken off from Broadway. Now West End has changed its venue. Will it be taken off West End one day? If so, then you had better buck up and see it. It is a masterpiece.

p.s. I am testing this picture blogging from within Picasa. From Picasa, choose a picture and click BlogThis! and voila.. I could quickly write some short story based on the picture I chose. Posted by Picasa

Update: I saw in that this year, Oct 8th, Les Mis is celebrating 20th Anniversary. 20 years! WOW!!! Here's the 20th Anniversary picture from the website:

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Perpustakaan Negara Malaysia

This afternoon, Anne and I went to the National Library. We thought we could spend some quality times exploring The National Library. It was my idea actually. When I was a little boy, father drove me to the National Library every week. I would borrow 2 books each week.. especially books by Enid Blyton. It was a joy and very exciting time for me. My love for reading and to books were cultivated that way.

The old National Library was in this building opposite Plaza Hotel in Jalan Tiong Nam in Kuala Lumpur. It is very accessible. All major buses will pass through this building as it is located in one of the major roads to the city. Then, the library was a big place. There were lots of people going to the library. It was like the next best thing at that time because we didn't have a lot of stores selling books. The most prominent book stores at that time was Antonio Book Stores. How many here have been to Antonio's? There was a branch in Jalan Brickfields and another one in Wilayah Kompleks. I bought lots of Famous Five books from these book stores. With such a limited number of stores, it was not a wonder that the National Library was popular as it was the only source for good English Books.

Then, the government decided to relocate the library to a bigger building. It was moved to Jalan Tun Razak - which is near Istana Budaya (the Cultural Center) and Balai Seni Lukis (Arts Center). I know it makes sense to grouped all these cultural and intellectual buildings together but at that time it was a stupid decision. There are NO buses going to Jalan Tun Razak. One need a car to get to the National Library. How could students like me, then 15 year old, get to the library? It's not even within walking distance.

The number of readers to the library dropped. Nobody bothers to go there anymore. People just don't read anymore. Luckily, there were other bookshops popping up - Times and mph. But books are too expensive. Only the middle class and above could afford them. What did I do? I joined the British Council as they have a very good library. British Council is located near Daya Bumi, again at a major road to the city with lots of busses.

Just last week, Anne and I passed through the National Library. The building is huge. It must hold lots of treasures. I was curious. I wanted to satisfy my urge to see what the old National Library that I used to hang out looked like. So I suggested that we go visit one day.

And so here I was...

I could sum up my experience in one word: DISAPPOINTMENT.

The National Library is a disgrace! It's like over the years, they have not had any new books. The place was huge.. yes.. but the number of books it hold were so small in comparison. I mean, even Kinokuniya or Borders houses more books that Malaysia's National Library!!! When I walk into Kino, I have the "wow.. I could spend the whole day here!" feeling. Walking into the NATIONAL LIBRARY, I had a "there's nothing here to read! I want to be out of here asap!" feel.

If this is the state of the National Library, I can't imagine how the school library looks like.

Malaysia (and fellow Malaysians), I feel so sad for us...

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Nokia 6021

I have been using my old blue screen Nokia for 3 years. I bought the 6510 in Oct 2002. That phone is a true business phones. It has a lot of capabilities - Folder management, lots of SMS storage, lots of Address Book storage, GPRS, FM Radio, compact size. I never had a reason to change until yesterday.

I bought a Nokia 6021 for rm600. It has all the above plus TRI-BAND, 65k colour, polyphonic and Bluetooth (well.. minus the FM Radio). I need this phone when I go USA in December so I can still keep in touch with Anne. And I hate camera phone. Nokia saved my dilemma by releasing this Nokia 6021. It has all the features of a true business phone, minus the camera and thus, making it affordable. If you wanted a no-frills Nokia, get the 6021. It has a nice solid case with a leathery-no-slip case at the back so this phone feels tough and classy.

Update: Just wanted to say that there is another version called Nokia 6020. It's the same design. The only differences is that 6020 comes with camera and NO Bluetooth. 6021 comes with Bluetooth and NO camera. Nokia is catering to their customers' needs (at last!) .. :D

Monday, October 03, 2005

Nu Skin

In year 2003, I went to USA for business and pleasure. I spent almost 7 weeks in USA. When I came back, I noticed that the side of my face, just below the ears, started to develop acne. It became bad. My friends asked what happened. AR claimed that it is the dryness of the country that contributed to this outbreak. He recommended a famous skin doctor near where I work. This skin doctor has treated AR, bahija, rotitelur and a lot of our friends. I went to see her. The doctor said that I have oily skin and that I should stop using whatever cleanser I was using (at that time, I was using Dove and Kao Biore).

She gave me a cleanser and an acne lotion. And her cleanser was not those expensive ones that most of the girls used. My cleanser cost me RM20 and it lasts for 3 months! How’s that for economy? It’s even cheaper than Kao Biore.

Within a year, I was healed!

I remember thinking to myself that I don’t have to use the acme lotion anymore. I remember putting the spare lotion aside.

Then something happened. My friends noticed that I had dry skins on the cheek and the jaw. They claimed that it is the cleanser I was using. It’s too dry they said. Bahija and Miss Peace tried it before and they were horrified that it was so dry.

Then Alpinesis also commented that my skin was peeling. He sells Nu Skin part time and recommended me the moisturizer and a scrub. He has been trying to ask me to try the products but I always say no. I mean, in my mind, the skin specialist, a doctor, should be a better judge than these multi-level pyramid scheme salesman. Right? I mean, people studied to be a doctor… what’s more a skin specialist (which meant a few more years of study and practice). I told him that the doctor said I have oily skin. Why should I need moisturizer. He said trust him. He quoted many of his customers’ testimonials. Bla… bla...

But, after hearing all these negative things, I succumbed to the multi-level-pyramid scheme product.

I tried Nu Skin moisturizer for a month. Instead of moisturizing me, the damn thing causes outbreak! I was healed except for some dry skin. Now, I am back to 2003 era. Pimples are popping out at the side of my face!

Quickly I stopped using the product and consulted the skin doctor. She reprimanded me for using the moisturizer. I said but I have dry skin. Obviously it could be your cleanser too. She said the dry-ness is due to being in hot sun or being in an a/c room, not the cleanser. I believe her.

I curse the day I succumbed to a multi-level product. Say NO to Nu Skin! Celaka product.

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Cast of characters

I believe I should have a cast of characters of the people whom I talked about frequently in my blog. I will also put a link to this post to the left so whenever you wanted to know about them, just look it up.

People whom I worked with
1. Bonnie
She appeared in a few posts. She made her debut in this post titled, appropriately, Bonnie. She bought a Christmas tree for the department which is a nice thing but it later turned into a major, major fight fest in Past the Point of No Return.

2. Mr Hog
I have a colleague who just wants everything even though he's not interested in them. Read all about him here.

3. Mr Miser
This guy is big size. His hair is full of dandruff. He has no fashion taste. He should be wearing size XXL shirt but instead he wore size S shirt with holes to work(!). He eats 2 bowls of mee for lunch. His apetite is probably costing him so much that he decided to work in Malaysia, instead of Singapore. He's highly paid but he's damn stingy. Read about his debut here where I learned about him in a cybercafe, then proceed to this post where he hoped that water is free and finally, here, where he kept on submitting entries to win rm50 in a competition.

4. NLK
She was given this name because she loves to talk about her husband. NLK stands for Ngor Lou Kong, which in Cantonese means My Husband. Read about NLK here.