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Bandar Rimbayu

Edit (28 Jan 2014) - One of the cons of Bandar Rimbayu in my post last year was the distance. At the end of December, IJM officially launched this township and invited all the purchaser for the launch. They have also moved their sales office from Kota Kemuning to The Arc in Bandar Rimbayu. I was eager to go for a visit. And I was pleasantly surprised  that The Arc is just about 7km from Kesas Highway. You know, when you want to to Kota Kemuning from Kesas, you exit the highway and you came to Kemuning Utama, before the first roundabout. I tripped my odometer from that point to measure the distance and was shocked how near it is to Kota Kemuning. That is like from Aman Suria to One Utama shopping centre. Not as far as I thought and being so near KK means that early movers can already enjoyed the amenities of a mature township. More plus points for Bandar Rimbayu. I have a feeling this will be the next Kota Damansara - huge leasehold township surrounded by mature freehold towns - e.g.