Debbie Gibson

Read this!!!

"Apparently, Debbie Gibson is trying to revive her electric youth.

The '80s pop phenom, whose hits included "Foolish Beat" and "Into Your Eyes," bares it all in the March issue of Playboy, which hits stands Feb. 11.

The layout reportedly features a "well-defined, yet very sexy, feminine look" for Gibson and marks a departure from her squeaky-queen teen idol image of yore."

Aside from the wrong song quoted in the article - the author meant "Lost In Your Eyes", not "Into Your Eyes", I was pretty psyche up. Debbie Gibson was one of my divas, many years ago. She's like this teen-age pop star driving all the teens mad. Fans of Debbie Gibson hates Tiffany and vice versa. There was like this huge rivarly going on. It's so silly!

But now, it's like this whole childhood fantasy coming to reality!

On the other hand.. a 40 year old Debbie posing nude? COME ON!

Anyway, I am asking TaiLo to buy me Playboy since he's in USA now. I hope he can get it before CNY. w00t!


  1. She is a talented artist. I remember few years back, I saw an article from the web that she is performing in the broadway nowadays.

    Credit: Les Miserable, Greese, Chicargo and etc..


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