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"This Is It" Impression

I wouldn't call myself a big fan of MJ but I do like his songs. When he came to KL for a concert, it's like a once in a lifetime event and despite not being able to afford the concert ticket (I just started working) I bit the bullet, use the cc and bought the ticket. I have no regrets. His stage presence is amazing. I felt like I was hit by an unending electrical storm during the concert. And I remembered joining the crowd screaming his name in hysteric. Yeah... me doing that! LOL. I know that This Is It is taken from shots during rehearsal. So I am not expecting it to be the full concert. It's not even a full dress rehearsal. After I have seen the movie, I thought that this concert, should it happened, is going to be amazing. Much better than the one I saw in Malaysia. There are so much technology, eye candy, thoughts, quality, production value put into the show. No wonder it was a sell out! But I also saw something - I saw that MJ is not really putting a lot of dance move

This Is It

I'm on leave today. Lots of games to play. But I think I'll go see Michael Jackson's This Is It after reading recommendation from Kiasu Ching. Will post impression later. -- Sent from iPhone

Fine Gaming Moment

You know how you sometimes see a movie and if it was an awesome movie, you knew you just had one of your finest movie moments? I could think of many fine movie moments - Matrix, Lord of The Rings: Fellowship of the Rings, Titanic (cough!), Braveheart, Savings Private Ryan, Heat, etc. I had my finest gaming moment yesterday. It's not something I experienced lately because I don't have much time to game - actually, in reality, there aren't that many quality games that captivated me. I missed these experience. Sometimes I wish I could be 'young and naive' and be surprised by this new game. Anyway, I had that experience again yesterday when I took leave to play two games: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare and Braid. Both are very different game. And both blew my mind away! One with a unexpected twist in the plot while the latter with its sheer ingenuity in gameplay design (although, storywise, I am still lost and baffled)! If you are interested in gaming, do give both a t