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Can stand-alone Philips Hue Smart Light work with Alexa Echo?

The short answer to whether you can configure a standalone Philips Hue smart light directly to Alexa Echo Plus Zigbee hub, without needing the Hue hub is - Yes, you can do that! 
So, during this year's Black Friday, Amazon Australia had a sale on Echo Plus 1st Generation at AUD$99. Not only that, they provide a Philips Hue smart light for free with every purchase. I bought this Echo Plus as my second Echo Plus mainly because I wanted to set up a set of speaker pair, to get glorious stereo sound (that works beautifully, btw and very easy to set up).

Anyway, I am glad that Amazon gave a free Philips Hue light because I've always been curious whether I need to buy a Philips Hue hub to connect the light to the hub, then connect the hub to Alexa Echo devices to control it.
Turns out, I don't need the Hue hub (hurray!) because Echo Plus, which has a built in Zigbee hub, is able to accept and discover the Hue light.
Set up is super easy as illustrated below:
1) start Alexa app a…