Tuesday, May 31, 2005


I don't know what it is about salesmen. A few years ago, I worked in Floor 21. Floor 21 is the Sales Department. I can't help but observed that salesmen do not flush after using the urinal. They just waltzed into the restroom, unzipped their fly, do their business, zipped back up and waltz right out. Some decent salesmen will wash their hand. Notice the word "some"? That means, if you are meeting a salesmen today and you are going to shake his hand, I'd suggest you use Dettol afterwards.

What is wrong with all these people? Mind you, these are not your average salesmen. These guys earn RM100k per annum. They drive BMWs or Mercedes. And yet, they do not have basic manners and hygiene such as toilet training. I really wonder if their children are potty trained?

There was this particular guy. His name is Alvin (real name - in my blog, I don't use real name but I don't see a point of showing courtesy to Alvin by hiding his name). He's the worse of the lot. Not only does he not flush nor wash his hand after his business, he can't aim! Oh maaannn!! You should have seen the mess he makes. So, do not ever accept any food offer by Alvin, the salesman. You have been warned.

Anyway, I was so glad when I was moved to another floor, away from the Sales Department.

Unfortunately, last week the Sales Department was relocated to the same floor that I am in. I thought I could run from this nightmare. It's back.. and it's haunting me.

I will have to start tip toeing into the restroom these days...

Friday, May 27, 2005

That Bad Mood Tour Mate

This evening Anti Ringgit and I went to 1 Utama to look for watches - I wanted to get a Tissot for Anne's upcoming birthday and AR wanted to buy a Tag for himself. As usual, I parked in my favourite spot in 1 Utama. As we walked down the first flight of escalator, we bumped into Yee Leng, one of our tour mates, who had just finished shopping. We exchanged a few pleasantries. AR later commented that Yee Leng was staring at me non stop. Even though AR was busy talking, she never looked at him but was eye-balling me. AR was jealous. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.... Told you to get one of these, AR.. You NEVER LISTEN! Tai sei!

Is it too much...

"Is it too much...
to ask for someone whom I care about? Is it too much to ask for someone to come along in my life who will make me happy? Someone whom I look forward to seeing everyday? Someone who care for me? "

I was just looking at my blog dashboard and found that at 10pm on Jan 10th, 2005, I wrote the paragraph above but decided against publishing it. Wow... 5 months down the line and my life has changed... :P

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Month of May

It's almost the end of May 2005. This month has been my busiest month ever.. having to juggle between relationship, work, American guest, and friends. Of course Anne has my utmost priority, the rest are just meh. However, the fact remains that a lot of things happened in May. I remember telling people that May 2004 was my busiest month of the year too. Thankfully I have started blogging at that time and looking back at my archives, indeed, I was very busy in May.

This post, written exactly 1 year ago, talked about how I had finally settled down in the new house and how it was a relief for me. In that post, I pondered about my move to AU and outlined how difficult it was to let go of things. What's on my mind now, after one year of serious pondering? I can't really answer this question especially with Anne in the picture now. It would be even more difficult to move. I have talked to Anne about it and we are still unsure how the pieces should be moved. She's very supportive though, so that could still be a possibility. I guess, the "boat will move straight when it reaches the shore". We'll see.

In my discussion with my manager, I have always told her about my intention to live and work in another country. She has been pretty graceful about it and have been keeping an eye opened for me. Unfortunately opportunities did not come so I am still in square one. On retrospect, I am thankful to God that there was no opportunity at that time. If I were in AU, I would not have met Anne and everyday I still find myself thanking God that she's in my life because I don't think I ever met anyone as incredible as her in my life.

I digress. I will write more about Anne in this blog one day.

Yesterday my manager told me that there *might* be an assignment in USA for me but it is for a short duration: 6 months instead of 2 years. She wondered if I may want to consider that. I crack my head again as this assignment is yet another variable in my already very complicated dilemma. If I chose the assignment, it will be bad form for me to ask for a leave of absence (or quit to move to AU) when I return from USA. If I did not choose to take this assignment and later, for some unknown reasons, I decided not to go AU, will I regret it?

Ahh... decisions, decisions, decisions...

Oh! :)


Yesterday I met up with Kimmikanuyi, Monica and Anti-Ringgit in Mosin Restaurant. I don't believe we have gathered like this for a long, long time. Of course I was grilled by Monica about Anne. Of course she's happy for me and will help me pick up a birthday gift for her. Trust Monica to be so helpful. I am sure she will have a good eye for a good gift.

Now, I really do not know what to get for Anne. Is it too early to get an expensive gift? Monica said that will scare her away. She suggested bouquet of flowers which may be nice and all but it has no memories... you know, once the flowers withered and dried. I wanted to get her something special. After all, it is her first birthday with me.


Wednesday, May 18, 2005


I don't know if this is even worth blogging but I thought I should at least find out if it is really common to Americans or that it is just unique to my kwai poh guest. My guest is an American from Dallas, Texas. Today, she told me that it is a pretty common practice to have the a/c (air conditioner) switched on 24 hours a day. When nobody's home, for example, during the day time, the temperature of the a/c is set to a higher level so that it does not need to cool the place too much - yet the fact is that the a/c is still switched on and therefore is a waste of precious electricity. And oh, they have centralized a/c-cum-heater in the house, so you can imagine how much of electricity is being wasted even as I am typing now.

You see, in Malaysia, a tropical country where it is generally hot and humid, people don't switch on a/c for 24-hours! We usually switch it on at night when we wanted a more comfortable sleep. In fact, most of us were brought up with the habit of switching off room lights if there's no one in the room. And here, we have Miss American telling me that even when there's no one at home, her centralized a/c is still running, cooling the whole house, not just rooms, albeit at a higher temperature.


Sunday, May 15, 2005


I was talking to an American guest today on some Chinese superstitions. While she respected some of our unique taboos, I can see that she has this "it's so ridiculous" look on her face. On my way home, I realize that there really is something to this superstitions that most Chinese believed and feared.

When I was fending off unwanted relatives' remarks on when I am going to settle down, I don't use chemistry as the excuse. The older folks will not be able to understand why younger people needed chemistry to marry. They come from a generation where arranged marriage is acceptable, so telling them that you and the girl do not have chemistry is like telling them that you are marrying an alien from Venus. That notion will never hit home.

I have this excuse which I always use when being attacked by my aunts and uncles. I told them that all my male cousins (from both my father's and mother's side) married after their sister married. I said that if the sister, be it elder or younger, do not marry and leave the house, the male will never get married or have a girlfriend. It's like the sister is the curse to the brother. In order for the curse to be lifted, they have to adopt another surname. And it's proven. All my male cousins from both my mother's siblings and from my father's brothers and sister did not find their girlfriends (wives) until after their sisters married.

I told my uncle and aunt that it is either a family curse or some sort of tradition that I somehow were destined to follow. They usually laughed at me and said "rubbish" even though I know they must know it is true since their sons didn't get a girl until their daughters married.

And the most amazing part is that the moment my sister announced to my parents that her boyfriend proposed to her, I found Anne. The curse have been lifted!

Curse or superstitious? You tell me.

(I'd like to think it is God's grace, though, heh heh, but it does make a good blog topic)

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Konfabulator version 2.0

If you remember, I was pretty hooked to a little nifty program called Konfabulator. It is so good that I actually paid for this software. That was version 1.8.4.

Today, the main page of Konfabulator.com has a teaser page. It shows a countdown to the new version - Konfabulator 2.0. Eight more days to go. It has a lot of improvements. I CAN'T WAIT! I hope my 1.8.x license is applicable for 2.0 also.

Try it out and see if you like it. I sure do.. and I believe Kimmikanuyi loves it too ;)

Oh, btw, iTunes 4.8 was released! It manages movies! Wowzeeeeee!

Monday, May 09, 2005

Love Songs

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When I was wooing Anne, I started sending her a song every 2 or 3 days. Most of the songs I sent were love songs except a couple such as Everytime and Change Of Heart. These two songs were the exceptions because she said she like them. Anyway, for every song I sent, I put in in a iTunes Playlist named Anne's Songs. Once I reach 80 minutes worth of song, I'll burn it into a CD for her. iTunes made that so much easier.

There is a reason for the choice of each song. It usually represent what I feel at that particular day when I decided to send the song. My most difficult challenge was looking for the first song. The first song she received from me must not have too much implication or deep feelings and yet it must convey a message - a message that I am interested in her. Gabrille's Sunshine did that job really well. It goes something like this: "Sunshine through my window, that's what you are...". Then the implication received a notch up the scale. I sent her K-Ci & Jojo's All My Life which proclaimed my gratitude to God to have sent her into my life: "I thank God, that I, that I finally found her."

And just days before I told her, in person, how I felt, REO Speedwagon's Can't Fight This Feeling which goes something like this:

"I can’t fight this feeling any longer
And yet I’m still afraid to let it flow
What started out as friendship, has grown stronger
I only wish I had the strength to let it show"

did the trick.

She remembered that I sang Man Bai's Kau IhlamKu in karaoke and she said I sang that song really well (cough) and she was impressed. That's how this song made into the Special Playlist.

Debbie Gibson's Two Young Kids, which turned out to be our favourites, imply that we do see a future together and that 50 years later, "...two young kids, will be wishing, they were us."

I sent Anne Cold Song, a small and short poem/song by Jewel, because she caught a cold the other day and this song cheered her up tremendously.

And when she told me she loves me, I gave her Diana Ross' ".. I'm shining like a candle in the dark, when you tell me that you love me."

Am I a "romantis" or what? :D

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Mother's Day

We are doing dinner for mom tomorrow, so as not to join the crazy crowd that tends to celebrate mother's day tonight or yesterday night. This is pretty common in my family. We just hate crowds :D

Yesterday, as a "mother's day" gift, I told my mother about Anne. I bet she's very happy and she's finally relief that I have found someone. Heh heh heh... I showed her the picture and her first comment was that Anne look so much younger compare to her little sister, Lina. Ha ha.. I bet Anne will be happy to hear that.

So, everybody's happy today. Yay.

Friday, May 06, 2005


YEP stands for Young Entrepreneur Program. It is a program where school children are given the opportunity to run and manage their own business. These children form a company. They have a CEO, CFO, Marketing Director, HR Director and other important positions. They will have weekly meeting, learned how to write minutes, learned about coming with a product and marketing it, learn about competition, etc. They have guidance from working adult. My company participated in such a program.

Last week a few students from one school came into the office accompanied by their "mentor", an employee of the company I am working in. The mentor introduced the student and told us that they have this particular product to sell. The product is some sort of Post-It Notes packaged in a handmade box with nice ribbons and wrapping papers. The box were nicely done. Very good quality.. something one would find in a handicraft shop. Their so called marketing strategy is to buy this and give it to the secretary since last week was a Secretary Week. I have no secretary nor assistant so the thing is really useless for me. Not only that, the price for the product is a cut-throat RM14!

The students were extremely shy. They dare not walk around to show us their stuff nor do they want to pitch the product. I can feel for them. I used to be a very shy student myself and this particular girl was like so helpless.

Anyway, long story short, I got suckered.

So what am I going to do with an extremely expensive Post-It notes in a nice heart-shaped box? I am thinking of perhaps you know, somehow, giving it to Anne but giving just a Post-It notes sounded lame. What should I write in there? Poetry? Love Songs? What?

Any suggestions? Dr Love?

I think I have too much time... :D

Oh, BTW, my Chemistry post has received lots of comments lately. It's worth checking out.

Is she the one?

The other day, ZipD asked, nonchalantly, a very simple question: "Is she the one?" I was taken aback. Where was the usual gaming trash talk? Why such a question? I thought for a while and replied, "I sure hope so." He said "Hope so? What do you mean?" in which I countered "How do you know that your wife were the one?". He said, you just know.


Interesting... Is that really true? That you just know? I can understand the whole chemistry part where you know she's the right one to be a girlfriend.. but to be the ultimate "THE ONE"? How can one know? Wow.. I have to think about this first...

A New Change

On January 2nd, I made a change to the look and feel of my blog. My loyal readers were shocked. I started with the plain template because it was a New Year. We should all start with a new slate and put colours into it.

5 months later and I feel I needed a change. This time, it was motivated by the "popularity" of my blog. I have been receiving many comments and I really like the "Recent Comment" feature created by BloggerHack. It allows my readers to see who has commented on what topic. It's so cool that I wanted to fit it into my blog and the older blog template does not allow this as I didn't have a side bar. With the new template, I have a side bar and you can see Recent Comment on your right. Cool eh?

I hope you guys enjoy reading each other's comments as much as I do. Cheers..

Thursday, May 05, 2005


Today's Amazing Race 7 took place in London. Wow, seeing Sherlock Holmes Museum, London Eye, Buckingham Palace and the Underground brought back memories of my trip back in 2002. I love London... probably as much as I love Melbourne. It's really a great city. So much things to do and see. And the park, boy, do they have one of the most beautiful parks in the world.

I miss you, London. I hope to visit you again someday.