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Online everything

I read somewhere recently that one blessing in disguise is that our internet infrastructure have become so essential and matured to enable us to have a life during the Covid-19 lockdown. Imagine that we can still get in touch with friends and families (Facetime, WhatsApp video call, Skype), we can do online shopping for our groceries, we have Netflix and Spotify for TV and entertainment. And for the offices, we have VPN, Webex and ability to work from home. Can you imagine life without a strong internet infrastructure? What a depressing thought this is! Even the kids are learning online - schools give homework to the girls via Google Classroom. And, really I am impressed with SKTM and MOE in general. The teachers are sending homework every day and some teachers are doing video of themselves teaching! Such dedication in the name of education. Their Taekwondo Master is doing Taekwondo lessons online via Zoom where it is a two way video of watching their Master executing the moves an


Twenty Twenty didn't start well. Covid-19 cases are all over the world and in Malaysia, the government imposed a Movement Control Order. Schools are closed and we are all asked to #StayAtHome and work from home. As an introvert, I should feel joy and happiness. In a way, I am enjoying my time at home in front of a PC and spending more times with the family. But after 4 weeks of being cooked inside a house and two more weeks to go, I think even an introvert needed a break from this solitary! Let's see how this goes. My only consolation is that I have recently changed role and do not have sales pressure on my shoulder. So, that lifted some stress off my back, amidst the stress caused by Covid-19 uncertainties.