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GoDaddy Discontinued Catch-All Email Forwarding

 I had a few domains with GoDaddy. I started with GoDaddy and I stick with them for a long time. Recently, I moved most of my domains to Cloudflare. Main reason was cost. Cloudflare hosting is very cheap -  I think they are not making any margin out of these domains. They are just transferring the cost the authorities charges direct to their customer without any markup. But I had one domain that I maintained with GoDaddy because I love one feature which they have, which is mail forwarding and, more importantly, a catch-all email forwarding.  What is email forwarding? It means that any emails that were sent to the domain will be forwarded to another email. For example, if you send an email to [email protected], it will be forwarded to a secret iCloud email. That way, my real email address is hidden. What is catch-all email forwarding? Say you accidentally send an email to [email protected]. I still forward that to another email, for example, a throw away Gmail account. When I am at the g

Thousands Thoughts

I wrote a second app. This this a quick journaling app. The idea is that we have thousands of thoughts running through our mind everyday. We have daily conversations with ourselves. I want to capture these thoughts and able to review them and I want it to be fun, not a serious journaling app. Thus, Thousands Thoughts is created. Please take a look and let me know what you think!

I wrote an app

Nov 2023: I decided to quit my full time job, mainly to take care of family matters but also to take stock of what I want to do with the rest of my life. I have spent 27 years working non-stop in a full time job at one company. I have not taken any break during this time. I feel that I have contributed enough to this company and it’s about time I do what I like. March 2024: I decided to develop an iPhone app. I started doing lots of self-learning from YouTube and books. I get my hands dirty and code while I watch the YouTube. After around 2-3 months, I finally have an app which is now available for download in the App Store. The app is called " What is the Time ". It is a beautifully designed, gesture-based, world clock. Use your finger to slide and watch the cities clock update magically! No mental calculation required. I have a page for this here . And if you are willing to download to try, here’s the App Store  link . Thanks for supporting me! Or, maybe just scan this QR C

Apple 20W USB-C Charger

I bought the 18W USB-C Apple charger at RM149 back in January 2019 . I am still using it today. Recently, I bought a new 20W USB-C charger from ITWorld in Starling Mall, Damansara. The price tag showed RM99 but after scanning at the counter, it was RM79. What a great deal! Highly recommend this fast USB-C charger. Update : I have a project at hand and need a laptop. I bought a 2020 MacBook Air M1 during 5.5.2024 Mother’s Day sale. It comes with a 30W USB-C charger but the brick is that iPad charger which had a 3-way plug jutting out weirdly. I much prefer the two USB-C designs described above for portability. Apple should just do away with the 30W and give their customer that 35W, TWO ports charger. It is really nice to be able to charge the Mac and an iPad or iPhone simultaneously.