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I wrote an app

Nov 2023: I decided to quit my full time job, mainly to take care of family matters but also to take stock of what I want to do with the rest of my life. I have spent 27 years working non-stop in a full time job at one company. I have not taken any break during this time. I feel that I have contributed enough to this company and it’s about time I do what I like. March 2024: I decided to develop an iPhone app. I started doing lots of self-learning from YouTube and books. I get my hands dirty and code while I watch the YouTube. After around 2-3 months, I finally have an app which is now available for download in the App Store. The app is called " What is the Time ". It is a beautifully designed, gesture-based, world clock. Use your finger to slide and watch the cities clock update magically! No mental calculation required. I have a page for this here . And if you are willing to download to try, here’s the App Store  link . Thanks for supporting me! Or, maybe just scan this QR C

Apple 20W USB-C Charger

I bought the 18W USB-C Apple charger at RM149 back in January 2019 . I am still using it today. Recently, I bought a new 20W USB-C charger from ITWorld in Starling Mall, Damansara. The price tag showed RM99 but after scanning at the counter, it was RM79. What a great deal! Highly recommend this fast USB-C charger.