Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Asian Values

I received 5 tickets for The Sound of Music today. 2 of them were for kimmikanuyi's colleague. The remaining 3 are for my sisters and her boyfriend. These tickets were reserved using kimmikanuyi's colleagues' maxis one card - by which we were able to enjoy discount on the tickets. So there I was, holding the 5 tickets and my first instinct was to check the floor plan so I can choose the best seats for my sister. But before my finger can click the webpage I stopped myself. Why am I so kiasu? What happens to the values my parents taught me so many years ago - that the guests or friends should be given a priority treatment. Isn't these Asians values something our forefathers are so proud of? The very same values that do not exist in the Western world? I should show some courtesy to the colleague for using her card. She should have priority seating. At any rate, it dawns upon me that I have lost touch of these simple values in today's ultra modern, dog-eat-dog world. And this is a bad thing! Imagine the cold world your children are growing up in. Brrr..


  1. HaHaHa ... luckily u have some 'sense' yeah :) , kan I told you last week, be sure to give my friends good seats, and the guest indeed made a few calls and hassles to help us, the chinese saying - 'drink water think of the source' :P , now I can proudly tell my friends you are 'kacang with isi' :)

  2. curious - when u called the agent, you didn't decide which seats meh ? errrrrrrr !!!

  3. Yawn! Sounds like Miss Universe saving the world! Only the weak will wants peace!

  4. What are you talking about AR?


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