Saturday, March 17, 2007

Mute and Deaf

As part of Anne's religious activity, she takes care of members of her society in Sg Buloh. Last week, she met this new member. She's 18 and she's a mute and deaf person. I believe she's born that way. Her parents sent her to a disabled school and she learned to read and write basic Malay. Anne told me that she conversed with her mother in Malay - it is strange to see a Chinese mother speaking to her mute and deaf daughter in Malay - the main reason is that many of the schools for disabled are run by the government and many of them are run by Malay people.

Even though I have not met her, I felt very strongly about helping this girl. Everyday I encourage Anne to give her English lessons. I feel that being mute and deaf is not as bad as say, blind. If the girl knows how to read in English, I feel that she will be open to a whole new world - there are so many English literatures - non fiction books - religious, inspiration, history, you name it.. and of course novels. What's more, with the popularity of computers and Internet, this girl will be able to communicate with almost everyone, all over the world. She could blog, she could chat, she could write - heck, she may be able to make a living... all it takes is lessons in English.

There are members who does not want to go to school, members who are not filial, members who "lepak" their days away, members who are depressed and members who have financial, relationship and self esteemed problems. But really, compared to them, this mute/deaf girl is in a more desperate situation. Can you imagine living in a world of complete silence and no one is able to communicate with you unless they write Bahasa in a piece of paper? Can you imagine the loneliness and emptiness this girl feels every single day? If there is one person we can make a difference, it is to a person like her - and really, all it takes is a 30 minute/day English lesson! Something all of us can do, right?

There's this story that I read - I don't remember the source but I thought it was a talk given by Gandhi's grandson in Malaysia last year - anyway.. this man walked along a beach where thousands of starfishes were left stranded. He saw a little boy picking up a starfish, threw it back to the sea then picked up another. The man asked the boy why he's doing it as he's just wasting his time. There are tens of thousands of starfish to save. The boy picked up a starfish and said, "I made a difference to this one" and threw it into the water.

I hope Anne can make a difference to this girl.


The date is set! The BIG day is in December 30th!

Everyone is welcome to celebrate..................

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


I'm curious.. how many people actually read this blog or am I just having a conversation with myself and Bahija and MG (two person who constantly provided comments - thank you!)

Drop a comment if you have been reading this blog recently.

Sunday, March 04, 2007


Busy weekend again. Sat morn - breakfast and haircut. Sat afternoon, went with Whitedruid and Loochoomus for a session of WOW. Sat evening, steamboat dinner at Anne's place. Stayed till late because I was helping her with her work.

Sun morning, our parents met up in Summer Palace for dim sum. Today's the day they discuss about our future - LOL! It's not a coincidence that I picked the 15th day of CNY aka Chinese V Day to discuss this - it is an auspicious day and of course, it is also a good day to treat Anne's parents and sisters.

The thing is, I think they didn't really eat enough. I guess they are trying to save my pocket because on the previous night, her mother told me that it is not necessary to eat in Tai Thong. But my thoughts are, don't tell me that we do the dowry discussion in a mamak? Or a hot Chinese coffee shop, right? So while I keep on ordering the dim sum, they keep on stopping me saying that they have eaten enough. Sigh... but I am glad - any ringgit saved would be useful for the house or the family in the future.

As to the actual discussion, it all went well - not much of a negotiation - both our parents are amiable and flexible on the conditions. After the brunch, Anne and I went shopping - need to get lights for the new house. Any recommendations? Can't seem to find good shops that offer good choices at a reasonable price. Spent whole afternoon. Sun evening - had dinner at home and managed to catch a nap. What a long day.