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Night Terror

My 4 year old daughter had been getting night terror since she turned two. From this website , the description of night terror is such:  "Most sufferers will awake gasping, moaning, crying but more often screaming." One particular experience described something like what my  daughter went through, except that she is 4 and was not able to expressed how she felt as well the child in this description: " My son is 10. He has had screaming episodes since birth, put down to trapped wind. He had some terrors when we moved house both times, so I put it down to that. Lately they are getting worse and scarier for me. He wakes, comes to me, and shakes uncontrollably like he is desperately cold. He says it's scary and he can't find me. I have to tell him to listen to me, (it's like The Poltergiest!!) and find mummy, he says he's trying but he can't, then he gets more agitated. He has pushed me out the way and tried to get out the door or window and I'm