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Dell 2007WFP

I placed an order on the Dell today. There is a RM600 discount for the next 3 days. The monitor is now priced at rm2099! Last month it was rm2299. W00t!


I need a hair cut. Badly. I have been so busy that I have no time to go to my usual salon in Mid Valley. This evening, I decided against my will to go to this salon across the road from where I work. I have been to this salon twice and I had a bad experience. That is why I have not returned. But I am desperate. So, I took a gamble and went today. At the counter, the girl asked me if I have any specific "sifu" that I wanted. I said I don't have preference. I just wanted someone who could give me a normal haircut. The reason I said this was on both occasions I was in this salon, they gave me a young punk-Jinjang-Ah Beng hair style. Once, I actually commented to the "sifu" that I think she overdid it and she exclaimed that this is the "in" thing and that I look good. I said no, this will get me into trouble at work. No one goes to work in this hairstyle. She just pooh poohed my comment and sort-of give me that "don't be ridiculous" look. I w

No Movies

Do you know that the most recent movie I saw was "Inside Man", a movie by Denzel Washington and Jodie Foster? And the movie before that was Jennifer Aniston's Derailed. Between these two, I have missed out so many other movies! What's happening? Where did all the time go? (I meant this post in a very good way, of course)

Study Room

My work table... There is a defect with my widescreen LCD monitor. There is one dead pixel in the screen. Of all the places in the entire monitor, the single dead pixel had to happen right in the middle of the screen. It's irritating and I am disatisfied with it. So, I contacted Dell via email. The girl was very helpful. She said that I was not able to exchange the monitor because the company policy states that any LCD monitor with less than 5 dead pixel is not considered a defect. If there are more than 5 dead pixel, I would qualify for a one to one exchange. I told her that I would like to return the unit then. In Dell's Total Satisfaction policy, I could return any purchase within 15 days from the invoice date without question asked. She agreed and kicked start a process where by DHL will come and collect the monitor. I have to pay the shipping and handling though - it cost me rm80 and I agreed to it. What to do? I rather lost rm80 than have a dead pixel. Such is life. LOL.

Widescreen Gaming

Widescreen Gaming After 6 hours of using the Dell widescreen LCD, I have been pretty happy with it. It was a different experience, both when playing games and when surfing/using Windows. The fact that I could be reading a blog and monitoring all my chat windows while checking my download status all at a glance AND running my email program on the old Sony so I could also keep an eye on it, was an exceptional experience. The Dell widescreen LCD shipped with default brightness set to 50, out of 100. When I first plugged it into the PC and Windows started, I felt that 50 was too bright – my room is dimly lit, by design – so when I surfed the Internet for 2 hours, my eyes was strained. I proceeded to reduce the brightness to 15. Ahh.. much better… However, the lower brightness level affected gaming. As usual, ZipD’s critical eye saw the washed-out textures. It was really due to 2 reasons: the low LCD brightness and the higher in-game video brightness (80% in the slider). This combo causes d


Dell is damn efficient. One day after I ordered my widescreen LCD, it shipped! I am now looking at this in my new Dell 2007WFP. Damn nice.. I shudder to think of gaming and watching DVD in widescreen. More updates later..


Zip said I upgrade PC because of a particular game. He said I am more hardcore than he is.. Hmm.. let's see.. I bought my Pentium 2 in 1997 because of the superb 3D graphics of Tomb Raider 2. I upgraded to Pentium 3 in 2000 - I don't remember upgrading for a particular game. In Feb 2004 I upgraded to a P4 for a game called Gothic 2. I have since been using this P4. It's almost 2 year old. I am hooked to Oblivion now. Today I bought a Dell LCD monitor so that I could play this game in widescreen. I'd be lying if I said Oblivion plays no part in this decision but I'd also think that it is about time I get a nice LCD monitor for myself. That way, I could have two screens. Kiasu!


This is seriously cool: TuneBuckle . It's a belt with a buckle just big enough to fit the iPod nano. Who would have thought of using a belt buckle as a convenient place for the nano? The headphone jack plugs into the side of the buckle. Brilliant! Go to the webpage to take a look. On another side note, BootCamp from Apple allows intel-based iMac and MacBook to boot Windows XP. Check out the cool disk partition software and the "alt boot" screenshot. Nice... Press alt key when the Mac boots up to choose which OS to boot. The disk partition software that came with BootCamp


I have been very busy lately. I have visitors, both from the States and from London. I have been playing hosts the whole of last week. Couple this with some recent house hunting and I am truly spent. What little time I had for myself are spent on a new game called Oblivion. So, yeah, very busy I was. And in case my avid readers are worried about me, don't. These are good things. It's not a good thing if I am blogging. It means I am too free :D A couple of updates: Anne are as wonderful as ever. I truly belief she's really my missing "bone". How could one girl fit me so perfectly is truly beyond my comprehension. I would not believe this compatibility exist a couple years ago... but it does! Yay Anne! I am very pleased at the weather. It's been raining in the evenings and early mornings so it's very pleasant. It's bizarre, some said, because it's supposed to be a hot season at this time of the year but I think that perhaps the "El Nino" ef