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One million daimoku

In April 2008, Anne and I started our resolution to chant 1 million daimoku in one year. It's already Jan - and I am only one-third of the way. I really need to WORK HARDER - coz I made another 1 million resolution from Jan - Dec 2009.

The chart you see on the right of this post is a chart that we put beside our butsudan. It tracked our chanting progress. Every 20 minute, we coloured one box. Mine is the one on top, Anne's at the bottom - you can see that she made much better progress than me! Hmmm.. come to think of it, I am not even at one third!!

Edit 22 March 2009: Thanks to Google, a couple of friends in faith found this post and they want to know how many hours of chanting is required to achieve one million diamoku. Here it is. Based on our publication in Malaysia, 20 minutes of chanting is equivalent to 1,000 daimoku. So, one hour is 3,000 daimoku. 1 million would take about 333 hours.

Edit 8 April 2018: Checking my blogger stats, this post is pretty high up in terms of hits and people are still landing to this page. I'd like to share about this website I found. It's called . In this website (it's not run by me nor anyone I know), you create a daimoku campaign, in the form of a space. You then design the page with objectives, maybe little steps you would like to chant for as a group, culminating into a bigger objective. You invite group members into this space. And when you all have chanted for the day, each of the team update the space. Collectively, you all can track the progress as a group. It's super cool, honestly. Hope this is useful.


  1. Hi. My name is Wei-Ming Su. I am a men's division member. I live in Chicago, Illinois, USA. I did a google search on "How many hours is 1 millions daimoku?" Your blog came up in the search.

    My friend, Melissa Donis, and I started a daimoku campaign on November 19, 2008, to chant 3-5 hours a day. By December 19, 2008, Melissa had chanted 127 hours and I had chanted about 90 or so hours.

    I just wanted to let you know that we support you in your efforts.

    Wei-Ming Su
    [email protected]

  2. Hi Wei-Ming, I salute you and Melissa for having the determination (ichinen) to chant 3-5 hours a day!! In no time would you reach 1 million daimoku. Based on our publication in Malaysia, 20 minutes of chanting is equivalent to 1,000 daimoku. So, one hour is 3,000 daimoku. 1 million would take about 333 hours. Let's challenge ourselves to attain this together!!!

  3. Aloha from Hawaii....
    I also have a goal of 1 million daimoku and I hope to do it in 3 months or less....Need to breakthrough some major stuff and get some buddha wisdom.
    Now that I know how many hours, I can schedule my life around it...
    24 in one day....720 hours in 1 month
    2160 in 3 months....sleep 8 and work 8...its doable...get my point?
    we'll see

  4. Hi Joe! You gave me new inspiration to buck up on my chanting! Thank you very much. I can send you the daimoku chart if you want. Please send me your address to my email: ringgit002 at hotmail dot com. This will encourage you to track your chanting.. he he..

  5. Hey, The characters on ur daimoku chart look nice, what do they mean?
    Can u send me your daimoku chart...
    My is is [email protected]

  6. Hi Wei-Ming, greetings from Hong Kong.
    I have heard two different opinions regarding the amount of time it takes to chant one million daimoku, 250 hours & 300 hours. I guess it depends on how fast you chant.
    Robert "Skip" Williams

  7. Are you all still chanting? why no activity for a long time. I got to know about daimoku very recently and started chanting.

    1. Yes I am still chanting. Why not? It derives great benefits to me and people around me. It gives me peace of mind to tackle my issues. I hope you continue and also find peace. Take care!

  8. Hi dear thank you for share this I'm chanting for 18 days I chant 106 hour continue my chant I want to know how many hours= 1 million daimoku first result come on Google your post ...

  9. Glad to find this thread, my mission is to complete 1 million Diamoku which I started from yesterday and would finish by Nov 18th this year.

    1. I’m sure that with determination and “single mindedly wanting to observe the Buddha’s mind”, you can do it.


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