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"like all things... the longer u leave it, the harder it is going to be"

Another conversation with another friend. Is this a sign? Numenorean says: hey ... u giving up ur PR? Ringgit says: no Ringgit says: but Ringgit says: i dunno when i shld come over Numenorean says: how many years do u have to be here to qualify for it? Ringgit says: i have 2 more years Numenorean says: i mean to keep it Numenorean says: ic Ringgit says: silly eh.. Numenorean says: oh well .. like all things... the longer u leave it, the harder it is going to be Ringgit says: wise words Numenorean says: guess there is no good or bad about it Ringgit says: on one hand, i want to come. just to experience life in a western country. i have the opp now and i shld sieze it Numenorean says: on the other hand u're comfortable there Ringgit says: on the other hand, there's fear.. and a lot of people are discouraging it . it = dun throw away your job. Ringgit says: (yeah.. and comfy.. u r rite. there's not much reason for me to go.. or like my

"everyone is married EXCEPT you!!!!"

Conversation with a friend: Ringgit says: CH's son is 5 years old liow i think Ringgit says: now expecting a daughter DroolMAN says: fuah, lucky man DroolMAN says: wtf is up with you then? DroolMAN says: your fren already having 2 kids DroolMAN says: you are still feeding cockroach DroolMAN says: is HY married? Ringgit says: yes he is Ringgit says: i dunno wtf is up with me DroolMAN says: fuah sai! i never thought he would get married liao Ringgit says: he so fair.. like pak chum kai.. maybe girls like le.. Ringgit says: like kopiboi also pak chum kai Ringgit says: LOL DroolMAN says: wahlauwei! even a super softie like him can get hitch (whose odds are so damn low because he always seem like the "under the mom's armpit" type) DroolMAN says: what about you leh? chap she Ringgit says: dunno lar Ringgit says: maybe his marriage - arranged one le DroolMAN says: [ringgit] [ringgit] , this is getting ridic DroolMAN says: eve


The haze has worsen today. While driving along LDP to work, I could hardly see the IKEA sign. That is how bad it is. The haze reminded me of the list I made last time about why MY sucks. Haze is one of them. Imagine. Such a sucky place to stay. When I looked back at the list, one of my major complains was the FREQUENT water cut in Sri Sinar, the old house. I still remember those times - we can have water cut 3 times a month! Almost once a week on average! Coincidentally, this morning, mom was talking to the neighbour. She (neighbour) said that in her 10 years of staying in Menjalara, she has only experienced water cut ONCE! ONE TIME in 10 years! You have no idea how happy we were when we heard that! I mean, it's like, our prayers ARE answered. However, the pessimist in me says that with the current development of Desa Park City and Sunway SPK Damansara nearby, there's bound to be more water-cuts in the forseeable future. SIGH... I pray that I am wrong this time.

Life is shitty

If you recalled, one of my previous posts talked about one (of four) aircond that we bought that was not working. That was solved. Some damn fuse. Two (of three) of the Panasonic ceiling fans that we bought failed. One of them have inconsistent blade which makes it wobble. Logged a call with Panasonic. Two months already and they still don't have stock for the damn blade! TWO FREAKING MONTHS! Then the fan on my room started making sound. Today someone came to check it. The motor is busted. Have to change. I pray that this won't take TWO MONTHS! Sometimes I wonder.. why me??? It's not like I buy cheap stuff. These are not your China brand fans. These are Panasonic. Famous brand? Premium brand? MY ASS!




I'm one year older today and as a surprise present, my hard disk decided to crash... It was at this time last year when I went out for our very first dinner with that woman. Time flies.

The Sopranos

Well, just to clarify - my foul language on Saturday's blog was inspired by this new TV series that I have been watching - The Sopranos. Damn foul mouth, these Mafia goons... so, I am guessing, yeah.. I must have picked it up from there. So this Soprano series is about Tony Soprano, the Mafia capo-regime who runs a topless joint called Bada Bing. Of course that is just the facade - he runs lots of other stuff in the background. Anyway, the beginning of the series showed him talking to a phychiatrist. Seems that Mr Macho is vulnerable to emotional stress particularly those "forced" upon him by his mother. Actually, the mom did not do much.. it's just that her presence is enough to give Tony a lot of stress... So the series is kinda interesting.. to see how he deals with daily vice activities on top of managing his wife, son and daughter .. AND his mother.
Damn... I have been stood up by this freaking insurance agent! Never trust insurance agents, CH has warned.. and now I knew. I am so fucking mad... not only did he not turn up for the appointment, he lied about it when I asked where he was. And I drove all the way to KL! Bastards! Never will I ever go out with fuckers like him. The situation is like this.. at around 5+, MK called and asked if I want to go to Thai Pub, the nice pub opposite the Beach. I said no at first.. but he keep on asking, saying that KC is there as well as the rest of the gang and besides, it's been a while since we hang out. So I said I'll think about it. At home, 8.30pm. Felt damn bored. Decided to meet MK and KC in Thai Pub. Called them - asked if they are there already and if there's a place. I mean, that is one popular pub and I didn't want to go all the way to end up standing like as ass outside waiting for a place. He said they are 10 - 15 minutes away and don't worry, they have bo
Yet another day come and gone. This shift sucks real bad. I mean, come on! Work till 8pm! It's like having no life! I can't catch my favourite movie. When I reached home, I am dead tired. Arrggghhh! But on the other hand starting work at 8am is even worse. I cannot imagine myself starting so early. Another crazy thing but seems to be a lot of people's favourite time. Dave called today. Said there will be a house warming at his new place in Club UK - wherever that is. Not sure if the rest of the gang is going or not. I sure hope they do coz I don't want to go alone. Similarly, July, there will be a few wedding dinners to attend. Considering I am extremely anti-social and tried to avoid making friends, I have like many, many wedding dinners to attend. What's with these people???! Damn I am bitter today.
Even with Thief: Deadly Shadows, the supposed life-saver-boredom-buster, I am still sien. Maybe it is loneliness. Sigh. When will this end?
I had a nightmare yesterday. I dreamed that I was bald! And it was half bald.. ie only the left side of the head! It's weird! I must be really disturbed by this balding thing.. at a subconscious level. Damn!