Need vs Indulgence

A lot of my long time reader will probably know how much I yearn for an iPod. And yet, after months of yearning, I have not made any purchases. Why? The reason is simple - I don't need it. This is a music player. Where can I use it? I work on a notebook during the day and I have iTunes installed in it. I get to listne to all my favourite tunes. On my way from work to home, I have my car stereo, which I hardly use these days because it only takes me 15 minutes to commute. Once I am home, I have iTunes on my PC with a good sound system. When I am in my bed reading, I have my Sony Mezzo Hi Fi system. The only place I could find use of an iPod is when I am in the toilet doing business and I don't think that justify a RM1K purchase (LOL.. I am joking). So you see, it really is a question of need vs indulgence. The heart says go get it.. it is what you wanted.. the brain says it's going to be a white elephant, I betcha - you are going to dump it in your cupboard one of these days. In the matters of purchasing, the brain usually wins.

This week saw the announcement of a new mac - the mac mini. This is a piece of art. I have always wanted to own an Apple. My very first computer was an Apple //e. I grew up on an Apple. I longed for an Apple. And today's announcement made a mac affordable! Very affordable. Apple used to be a premium machine, the BMW of cars. Now, it's like BMW making the mini car affordable to Proton drivers. I WANT IT SO SO SO MUCH. But again, it is a need vs indulgence. I think to myself, when will I use a mac? Sure, I can use it at home to listen to iTunes, play around with iPhotos, surf the Internet with Safari. Then what? When I wanted to do some work or play games do I move my heavy butt and sit on the other side of my workdesk and use the PC? And when I wanted to surf again, move the butt back? The PC allows me to use iTunes and Picasa as my photo organizer. I have IE and Netscape as browser. I get to play all the games I wanted. I can download bittorrent files. Why do I need a mac? Is there any specific application in the mac that I need that is not available for the PC? The answer is no.

So yeah, this post will seal my yearning in an air tight container. I will not talk about it. It's obvious that I do not need a iPod or a mac mini. BUT...

I do need a LCD display for my current Pentium 3 machine... and I am eye-ing this:

For US$999 (20"), I think I can afford it... and I want it... ohhhh... my precioussssss...


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