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How I use Drafts

After a purposeful 2 weeks of using Agile Tortoise's  Drafts , I think I am slowly understanding this tool, and here is how I am using it. How As advertised, Drafts is where text starts. So, you MUST put Drafts in the iPhone dock . When you have any thoughts, you start entering them into Drafts, so the app has to be within reach, fast. The Apple Watch dictation , or dictate through iPhone is a powerful way to capture thoughts. Start by putting the Drafts widget on the Home screen so that you can tap the microphone and start dictation. Similarly, put Drafts complication on each watch face. Drafts is for short notes , NOT long-form writing. Make it a point to review  your notes and act on them. I probably need to learn basic Markdown e.g. Header and subheader Act Here comes the second part. Act on your drafts. That means, having a mindset that Drafts is your temporary text storage place . You need to act on them by moving the text somewhere. I put my daily musings into Drafts, tag th
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20” Crossmac 8 speed foldable bicycle

A couple of weeks ago, I purchased a foldable bicycle for the girls. My brother in law bought one from Shoppee and his bike was shipped from China. I'm not a bike enthusiast like him and so, I prefer to see the bike first before I buy and I'd like to be able to send it to a shop for service or repairs if there's a need to, and so, I went to this shop called Bike Elemenz in Desa Kompleks in Kepong.  The owner, a nice gentleman by the name Gavin, was there and he let us try a few models and convinced me why the bike that he's selling, a brand called Crossmac, is better that those that come from China. The secret, he said, is in the joints when you fold a bicycle. The joint must be made of good quality material so as not to fall apart from frequent use. Actually, I don't have much opinion about this bicycle as it is just a bicycle, after all, and I'm too tall and heavy to enjoy it. But, it's a perfect fit for my wife and the two girls. We adjusted the height of

Professor is now in Centrepoint

If you have kids and you are looking for really comfortable school uniform, I'd highly recommend clothes from Professor. These clothes don't come cheap but they are made of really good material. My eldest has sensitive skin and we tried many different type of school shirts and they always give her rashes. Until we got her shirts from Professor. Professor has a shop in SS2, at the same row as Babyland and that place do not have parking. It's inconvenient to buy from SS2. I'm glad that they are opening a branch in Centrepoint. The shop is in the same row as Jaya Grocer in G floor, beside a Traditional Chinese Medicine shop

Covid - to send or not to send the kids to school?

This is a dilemma in every Malaysian parents' minds today. We are at the cusps of MCO 3.0 with daily cases above 2700. Some schools in PJ were closed. Some were reopened after closing for a couple of weeks. My daughters’ school, SKTM, is still opened but many parents are not sending their kids to school.  Last week, my nephew’s form teacher was tested positive. Nephew and family were considered Category B, meaning they have to self-quarantine and wait for KKM instructions to go for the Covid test. We had close contact with the nephew and as such, we are considered Category C. If nephew is tested positive (as of this writing, he’s not showing symptoms and KKM scheduled a test on Day 10), then we will become Cat B. Therefore, we chose to self-quarantine for 10 days and so, the girls did not go to school.  To be honest, I'm disappointed as I have also heard of friends who were Cat C who still went out. It made our self-quarantine pointless. I wish there are clearer guidelines from

Keychron K4V2 Review

Recently I bought a Keychron K4V2 mechanical keyboard . This one came with Gateron Browns, a hotswappable RGB board and a aluminum body. The reasons I bought this keyboard, despite having quite a number of keyboards are: 1. This is a wireless keyboard which could connect to 3 devices. I hate cables and so, having a wireless keyboard made my desk cable and clutter free. Once you start using a wireless keyboard, wired feel so inconvenient. By pressing Fn-1, I connect to my Windows PC. Fn-2 will instantly switched to my MacBook and Fn-3 to the iPad. The switch is almost instant, maybe a couple of seconds delay to connect to the PC, but, it feels so good that it’s like having a KVM (keyboard, video, mouse) device at home.  2. Numpad in a TKL size. As I used my PC a lot more to do  work these past months, I find that the Numpad is invaluable for when I’m doing Excel or quick calculation. The problem with full-size keyboards are that they are too wide. The Keychron K4V2 though, crammed

Alexa Wall Clock

I did some Home Improvement lately. One of the additions to my Alexa-enabled household is the Alexa Wall Clock, made by Amazon. There is also a Citizen branded Alexa powered wall clock at double the price if that’s your fancy.  It's a simple wall clock that is powered by 4-AA batteries. I am not sure how long these battery will last. Hopefully it will last more than one year. The wall clock connects to Alexa via Bluetooth. When you asked Alexa to set a timer for 10 minutes, the minute notches of the Wall Clock will light up for 10 minutes. These are LED lights and should be using very little power.  Setting a second timer (or a third one) will light up another notch in the watch face. As illustrated below, the second timer was set at15 minutes. First timer set at 10 minutes Second timer set at 15 minutes This is really useful when you are in the kitchen and have multiple timers going on and have no way to know until the timer is up and Alexa starts to chime. With the Wall Cl

Online everything

I read somewhere recently that one blessing in disguise is that our internet infrastructure have become so essential and matured to enable us to have a life during the Covid-19 lockdown. Imagine that we can still get in touch with friends and families (Facetime, WhatsApp video call, Skype), we can do online shopping for our groceries, we have Netflix and Spotify for TV and entertainment. And for the offices, we have VPN, Webex and ability to work from home. Can you imagine life without a strong internet infrastructure? What a depressing thought this is! Even the kids are learning online - schools give homework to the girls via Google Classroom. And, really I am impressed with SKTM and MOE in general. The teachers are sending homework every day and some teachers are doing video of themselves teaching! Such dedication in the name of education. Their Taekwondo Master is doing Taekwondo lessons online via Zoom where it is a two way video of watching their Master executing the moves an