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I don't have a long commute. But whatever short commute I have, I take the chance to listen to Audiobooks. I bought a few Stephen King's audiobooks recently, mainly my favourites - The Shinning, Christine and Pet Sematary. I have read these books before but I must say that listening to audiobooks give an entirely different feeling and atmosphere. The narration by these professionals bring out the story to a different level! I never expected to enjoy listening to people reading a book and audiobooks prove me wrong. Currently, Amazon has a promotion. Buy 3 audiobooks using credits, and they give you a US$10 coupon. Signing up to a free trial gives you 2 credit. After that, pay for one month of Audible Premium to get 1 credit. Buy 3 books using these 3 credits and you get $10, which is good for another book. Essentially, $7.99 for 4 books! Sometimes I imagine that there will come a time when I'm so old that my eyesight is not good for long hours of reading. I imagine m
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Cloudflare is cheaper than GoDaddy

I have two domains. One with Cloudflare and one with GoDaddy. Cloudflare is my preferred choice because the yearly renewal cost is low. They seems to be doing it at cost. But, I still keep one with GoDaddy, despite the higher cost, because I like their email forwarding product, which let me forward unwanted emails to a throwaway Gmail account. Anyway, Cloudflare tells me that I have around 5K unique visitor to this website last month. I believe you all came here  because of Google search result on SKTM school (which my youngest child is still studying at, a great school BTW!) or because you were looking for daimoku chart . Or, maybe you want to know if Amazon Alexa will work for you . For this, I am grateful. Welcome to my humble site. Seeing this encourage me to blog again. I know my blogging comes in burst. A few months of silence followed by a few posts. Bear with me!

Life's good

When you have a good book to read and you might be in a busy and noisy place, you still get lost into Mid-World. It's just so wonderful. A physical book beats an eBook, if your eye sight permits. But, the weight is an inconvenience. Ah, one can't have everything, I guess.

Spotify 2022 Wrapped

This is what my 2022 sounded like on @Spotify. Get your #SpotifyWrapped now!

Apple Watch Charger

This is the other cute thing I bought .. I think less than MYR10 but it can be used for Apple Watch charging. What I like is that it looks like a Mac SE. Nostalgic. It house your existing charger cable and cleverly hide it just behind the fake screen. You slipped in the Watch from the top and it magnetically clasps onto the charger. The cables are cleverly hidden too. Comes in a few colour, but beige is the most authentic.

Stephen King Hodder

Recently, I am obsessed to collect certain Stephen King's books. Specifically, I want to buy those from publisher Hodder. This is my current collection. I bought the Dark Tower set box for a really cheap price of MYR180 from Shopee . This is truly a bargain, and if you are a King fan, you don't want to miss this deal. The shipping from China, via ship, is just a measly MYR1.50.  What I am looking for is 'Salem Lot and The Shinning. Ah, if you know of any place to buy these two books, please help me with my collection. I even put a review in Shopee: When I was considering whether to buy these books, I'm concerned about the quality. I imagine it must be printed in China or, just like India, the version sold in-country is made up of really poor quality. I took a gamble and bought it. I see that the quality of the books are as good as those you can purchase from Popular or mph in Malaysia. From the covers of each book, I noted that they are printed in UK by Clays Pvt Ltd.  

Blog client

One of the reasons for the lack of blogging is really the lack of a good, native iOS client for . I can use Safari but it's not that intuitive and nice. I realise I could use a Drafts action to "mail to Blogger". That way, I can use Drafts as the native note taking client and mail it to . This is my example post. Sent from my iPhone