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yes to iPhone for me!

Like our Malaysia PM, my adventure with iPhone and maxis is a flip flop adventure. Yesterday I received a call from maxis to say that they now allow people in Corporate Plan to buy iPhone. And all I need to do is sign an addedum to the agreement. No penalty for me. The only caveat? I can't get it in KLCC during the launch time which starts tomorrow and ends Sunday. I can only get it on the 26th and from an assigned 3rd party vendor. I do hope that the vendor is based in PJ.. preferably the one in One Utama. The best thing is.. I still get to call my co-workers for free! (here's hoping there's no flip flopping on this one)

254 days ago..

Sometimes conversation between Anne and I are funny: "Have you eaten mah tai (a type of fruit) before?" she would asked one evening while peeling the skin off the fruit. "Yes, I have" "When was it?" "Um, let's see.. 254 days ago.." ==== "So, did you go toilet this morning?" she would ask. I have constipation problems. "Yes" "How much?" "Huge shit load!" "Really?" "Yeah.. if you don't believe, I will take a picture in the future as proof!" "EWWWWWW!"

no iPhone for me!

I am disappointed.. I am not getting the iPhone, not because I don't want to but because maxis refused to let me to. This morning, ZipD told me that he received sms and email confirmation for the iPhone. I wondered about mine. We submitted at about the same time.. ok maybe 20 minutes later for me.. but I didn't hear anything. I called 123 to find out why and was told that I am currently on a corporate plan. I remember this plan. I signed up because it gives a free phone (for my mother).. and the best thing about this plan is that I can call all my coworkers for free! And what's more, Anne could call her sister (who works in the same company as I do) for free. She used my phone a lot for that. So I am already on this plan for 20 months. It expires in June. According to the iPhone FAQ, when you are signed up to a plan and you have met min 20 months criteria, you can change to the iPhone plan. I reminded the Customer Care lady about this clause and she said "ya hor.. you

I placed my order...

He he he ... I went online and placed my order. Am waiting for a confirmation SMS to say that my order is confirmed. It's been 20 hours.. no SMS. Maxis sucks! But, they were well prepared for the onslaught of enquiries. If you dial 123 to call maxis, there is a Option 6 just for iPhone enquiries.. cool... Am I having buyer's remorse? Slightly .. not sure why - 10 years ago, I would not have blink much for getting a 1K phone. Now.. things were different. Maybe I am more stingy!


It will be under MAXIS! There's definitely a plan/contract you have to sign up.. one that includes data plan. WOW! I WANT ONE! NOW! I have waited for 2 years! It's FINALLY here! There will be an official launch in KL Convention Center on 20th March. I will not miss my current monochrome Nokia. But I will miss my ringgit.. Click here for the rate plan: Update: no iPhone for me because maxis rejected my application!

World of Goo

This wonderful game is on sale in Steam for US$5 after a 75% discount. I have been waiting for this sale for a long time. It's finally here and I am a happy camper! World of Goo Trailer 2 Director's Cut by 2dboy


I really like how games designers find new ways to do things. Take, for instance, GTA 4. Usually you get from one destination to the other through the in-built car GPS. That's nice, but what other ways could one innovate? For one, in a more expensive car, they have audio GPS - you know, the woman voice-over which would tell you how many yards/mile before your next turn. Last night, in one particular mission, I picked up a guy and he instructed me how to get to the destination. That was refreshing. It's almost life like - he was unsure of his instruction, asked you to slow down so he could get his bearing better and would even make mistakes. That's innovation, IMO. I wish there were more of these innovations. There was a couple of innovations in the game that I appreciate but it slipped my mind at the moment. I'll be updating this when I remember them. Edit: the other innovation is one mission where someone would send me a MMS to my handphone. The MMS would have picture

Oct 2004

This post brings back good memories..