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Best Denki

I had the impression that Best Denki, an electronic retail giant from Japan, is a state of the art store, a store that would surely beat local wannabes like SenQ or HSL. Recently, they had a sale and I bought a 500 liter Panasonic fridge and 13kg Panasonic washer from them. From the moment I bought the appliances, I knew something was wrong. The clerk took almost 20 minutes processing my purchase – everything was manual. From writing manual sales memo and issuing handwritten Delivery Order to writing down the delivery schedule on a piece of paper backed by a hard board. All of these were done with pen and papers! My nightmare begins when I changed my mind about the washer. I bought the appliances on Monday with the shipping date on the following Saturday 5pm. I went back to the store on Tuesday to change the washer from 13kg to 9kg. It is not a problem, the clerk said because they have not shipped it but he took almost 40 minutes to hunt for my D.O and sales memo. He looked into files

Bluetooth and GPRS

I don't have an internet connection in BU. I heard from colleagues that they could surf the 'net using their GPRS mobile phone as a modem to the internet. Today I managed to set it up: Notebook <---*1---> Nokia 6021 <---*2--->INTERNET *1 - Notebook connects to the Nokia mobile phone via Bluetooth *2 - Nokia connects to the Internet via GPRS The best thing is, I don't need a state of the art mobile phone to do this. My old phone can achieve this wonder. It is slow.. but it is better than not having Internet connectivity! woo hoo! See you guys tonight!

A week

Wow.. I survived a week of living all by myself! And whilst you may think it no big deal, know that I survived without TV nor Internet nor Anne's company (she was away for business in Singapore last week). Wish I had a camera to show you my partially furnished house. LOL!


You know, I bought York a/c .. I like the fact that I can register the warranty card online vs snail mail them and have since received a warranty certificate by email once they processed it. Damn cool!


I moved to BU12 on Sunday. Been busy with cleaning up and running around getting those little things that I missed out. Parents and sister helped me to move, then they went back to Kepong in the afternoon. They would be back to stay the night in the new house. Seems that mom said that we should stay a night as a family in a new place. On Sunday evening, I had to do dinner by myself. I was thinking of asking friends out but when I think about all my kakis, all of them are in Kepong, right after the LDP toll! I don't have any friends in PJ! This is so sad. I ended up eating by myself. And that was where I first tasted the loneliness of being independant. I have never stayed by myself, away from home. During college times, I studied in Setapak and took 2 hours bus from home to college to home. I was never away from home. The longest I was away was during my business trip to Dallas. Back then, I felt the same loneliness but that is expected because I was travelling. And travelling is t

Dr Cinta

Dr Cinta has a new name and it is Kiasu-Ching ... I enjoyed Kiasu Ching blog because it has a lot of practical tips to be kiasu - something all of us can relate. I hope he is able to keep his blog alive with more tips.. perhaps localized it more to Malaysia tips instead of international - not many people is a high flyer, you know?

Vitamin M kills Malaysian Blogger

Don't work too hard for Vitamin M. Health is important. Read blogger's last entry before she collapsed..

Konfabulator 4

Konfabulator 4 is out. It has this nice little dock that shows all your widget at a glance. Really cool. GET IT! (Of course you can configure where you want the dock to be - left, right, up, bottom of the screen). The widgets I have running, which also display a minimized version in the dock, are: 1. analog clock 2. calendar 3. iTunes companion 4. memory gauge 5. picture frame 6. Yahoo! stick ticker 7. Yahoo! weather

Bedroom set

Anne and I was hunting for furniture and we saw this bedroom set.. Full solid rubber wood. Full solid, as in, even the interior is made of rubber wood, not half solid like some other furnitures (of course, this is what the salesman claimed). The set is made up of a queen size bed, 4 door with 2 drawers wardrobe, 2 side tables, 1 dressing table with a stool and 1 so-called TV cabinet. If we have no use of a TV cabinet, it can be pushed into the dressing table so the dressing table will have extra drawers. Anyway, every piece of furniture is made of rubber wood. Really nice.. Really solid.. the type that you know will last your for years and years and the type of furniture your children will wish they owned. How much does it cost? RM3,300. AIIIIII.. should we get it?

Eye On Malaysia

So, today I took a visitor to Eye On Malaysia , EoM for short. This is a ferris wheel build beside Tasik Titiwangsa and supposedly will give you a beautiful view of the city. My expectation was that this would be something like London Eye, a similar concept by British Airways built along River Thames, to give visitor a view of London. The view of London was breathtaking from the Eye, mostly due to the fact that the London Eye is a huge, huge structure. Eye on Malaysia, by comparison, was smaller and puny... really, it felt like going atop the fun fair ferris wheel. It's a good try, Malaysia, but it's embarassing nonetheless. By the way, there was no Mat Sallehs in Titiwangsa. I am not sure if our Visit Malaysia 2007 is successful or not. My visitor joked that this must be for Malaysians to Visit Malaysia :) Now that I think about this, who says Visit Malaysia 2007 is for foreigners? It could very well be for the people from Perak, Penang, Kelantan to visit Malaysia.. right? er.

Summer Movies

There are so many movies coming this summer. Can't wait to see them all! My movie kakis, please get ready! Spiderman 3 Die Hard 4 Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Ocean's Thirteen Shrek The Third Indiana Jones 4 Hmm, all of them sequels..


I am having so much fun with this wiki, which shows a Google Earth map of KL and in which you can edit any location that you think was spelt wrongly by other users. See if you can find your own house..


A year ago, I decided to get my own house . A year later, here are some pictures of my newly renovated house: Click on individual to Enlarge (though the file size/resolution is kinda big) This picture is taken from the entrance of the front door. One of the things I like about this house is that it is designed in a square with no pillars, walls and crooked corners, giving the living hall a big expanse feeling. You see two ceiling fan in this picture but actually I have 3 ceiling fans! This will give you a perspective of the size of the hall, though some of my friends commented that 3 fans are an overkill and it made the place looks like a coffee shop :P I plan to partitioned the hall either with a cabinet or a "pin foong", a kind of olden Chinese partitions which people used to change clothes. The down side is that if you are sitting on the living room, you can see people eating at the dining or cooking in the kitchen. The kitchen is beyond the 2 windows. It is separated by a


Anne shared with me a conversation she had with her senior in faith. The senior shared a recent experience with a fellow member. This member, a girl, is someone who always wallow in self pity, feeling sorry for herself and thinking that the world is against her and that she's powerless against it. The senior in faith likened the member to a turtle with a huge rock (aka daily problems in life) in front of its path. Here's what the senior said: "everyday u stick out ur head and hope that the STONE in front of u would dissappear. So when u wake up & still see that it's still there, u stick back ur head in to ur back (shell) again... hoping tomr it will be gone. "then u do the same thing again everyday till now. cos i said u know why? becos u did NOTHING to change it, u neither turn ur back, move left or right or even ask help from ppl to help u overcome that stone. "which methaphormically means no seniors in faith to refer, no family or sisters to ask, no Se