GoDaddy Discontinued Catch-All Email Forwarding

 I had a few domains with GoDaddy. I started with GoDaddy and I stick with them for a long time. Recently, I moved most of my domains to Cloudflare. Main reason was cost. Cloudflare hosting is very cheap -  I think they are not making any margin out of these domains. They are just transferring the cost the authorities charges direct to their customer without any markup. But I had one domain that I maintained with GoDaddy because I love one feature which they have, which is mail forwarding and, more importantly, a catch-all email forwarding. 

What is email forwarding? It means that any emails that were sent to the domain will be forwarded to another email. For example, if you send an email to [email protected], it will be forwarded to a secret iCloud email. That way, my real email address is hidden.

What is catch-all email forwarding? Say you accidentally send an email to [email protected]. I still forward that to another email, for example, a throw away Gmail account. When I am at the grocery store and they asked for my email to send me my receipt, I will give them as [email protected]. Then, all these "junk" emails will be forwarded to that throw away Gmail account which I don't really care about but if I needed the receipts, I know where to find it.

This feature was set in GoDaddy's Workspace Control Center.

Two weeks ago, GoDaddy decided to discontinued the catch-all email forwarding. I was caught surprise! I am not alone. Many in Reddit was caught surprised too

To me, this was the last straw that broke my GoDaddy's domain subscription. If they discontinued that one service that is binding my one domain to them, then there is no reason for me to stay with them. 

The good news is, Cloudflare NOW have catch-all email forwarding (they don't have this in the years before). There is zero doubt for me to move my last domain to Cloudflare immediately. The setup is very easy in Cloudflare, no need to meddle with MX and TXT records in the DNS. Cloudflare set it up automatically and you just need to agree by clicking one button!

Kudos Cloudflare. I am your loyal customer now and good riddance, GoDaddy. How can you just discontinued a service without informing your customers? Based on the Reddit thread above, many people have been using email forwarding for many years, one guy 20 years. I can't imagine the disruption he felt.

If you have not, you should explore domain hosting with Cloudflare.


  1. Great post - and it caught me by surprise too. Based on your guidance I'm now transitioning to Cloudflare. So fed up with GoDaddy's attitude re this. I had been using it for 13 years, and they decide now to remove it. So pissed.

    1. Good choice going with Cloudflare. I hope you enjoy their service. Good riddance to GoDaddy.


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