I have this colleague. He's a nice guy. Soft spoken, mind his own business, the likes. But there's something about him that always grates on my nerves. He has this, um, really kiasu attititude. The best way to describe his kiasu-ness is this: he is someone who wants everything even though it doesn't need it nor does it interest him. He's the person who doesn't read but still wanted the whole Lord of The Rings pdf books because he just want to feel good "owning it". If I were to ask if he knows who Gandalf is, he'll probably look at you with eyes wide and a blank face.. but yeah, he still insist that I sent him the 12MB pdf.

When another friend and I discussed about how great iTunes is, he asked us to send him the program but I know he won't install or try it. He just wanted to have it.

He wants all of my mp3 though he only listen to Cina songs and can't understand English songs. I, of course, will not give him the mp3. My mp3 are my backups from legal CDs which I bought with my hard earned money, ok! And I am not going to give it to someone who does not know how to appreciate it. I bet my ass that he does not know who Debbie Gibson is.. nor The Corrs nor Faith Hill.. nor Delta Goodrem.. and you wanted all my collection? Go fly kite man!

He's also the type of person who would beg me to lend him my Friends DVD so that he could burn it and keep it somewhere in his house without knowing who the heck Ross is. That is the reason I don't tell people I have Friends DVDs. Go buy yourself if you wanted to hog it, you hogger!

Do you know people like that or am I the only one who attracts this type of people?


  1. Hai.. I am fans of LOTR but i couldn't find the pdf files anywhere. would you kindly send the files to my e-mail address?
    it's [email protected]. I would very appreciate it. By the way do you happen to have the silmarillion, the unfinished tales and 12 book series of middle earth in pdf as well? :)~


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