NewsGator Online

I read a lot of blogs these days. It is a chore to use Netscape to go to each blog hoping for an update. I wish there is some sort of "blog program" just like an email program where I can, at a glance, see which of my favourite blogs is updated.

Thankfully, such a program exist. It is called a newsreader. Usually they are a standalone program like Outlook Express where it will automatically connect to the web and grab all this blog updates, called feeds. However, these standalone programs are not free.

Fortunately, this particular standalone program, called NewsGator, offers an online version. The best thing about the online version is that it is free! All I need to do is sign up for a free account and add all my favourite blogs as a feed and voila, I get an Explorer like navigator on the left, showing in brackets, how many unread posts (refer to graphic above). At a glance I can see whose blog has new updates! I am waiting for a widget that will do the same thing for Konfabulator. In fact, I am trying to see if I can code a widget to do such a thing :P

Anyway, do try this website out. The URL for ringgit's blog (as a feed) is to add /atom.xml to my blog URL for example: Posted by Hello


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