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Time to go KLCC. Until next time. Nite.
Hey am I the only person using Netscape 7 ? It is now my default browser. Much more powerful than M$ IE. Tab browsing rulez. Other cool tools: - Qlock - freeware program that tells the time of various cities around the world. Cities are customizable. - Turbo Note - fast Post-It notes on your desktop - IBM NotesBuddy for POP3 - a program that announces incoming mail by saying out loud the name of the sender and the subject.
When will the embassy call me? Grrr.... My trip is NEXT week for crying out loud! Nvm that - circle of concern. I better start thinking what I have to do once I get the visa. There are so much to do and so little time: - inform JS to book rooms/car - book car for personal use (from LV to SF to SJ) - book Mamma Mia tix in San Antonio .. or maybe Les Mis in Sacremento (?) - find out where else I shld go during weekends... Austin/San Antonio? - buy LA, SF and possibly Texas/Dallas tour book - buy souvenirs for the team (eg local Pepsi for JS for her collections) - inform Citibank of the trip and to increase limit - buy Canon v3?
Tonight I am going out for a movie at KLCC. I am watching "The Hours" starring Nicole Kidman. Will probably end up buying a book to read. Or should I just concentrate on Splinter Cell ? Arrgghhh.. so many things to do! I have a few games waiting for me to play! The dry season has just ended. Yay to that!
This is the first time I have heard of blog! Sounds like something of a .plan except that it is more sophisticated. I knew about it through news on the sale of Pyra (Blog's parent company) to Google. Personal diary? I like the idea!
Hello World!