I'm not sure anyone would agree with me but breakfast is the most important meal of the day - not just scientifically (well, science will tell you that a healthy meal should made up of a heavy breakfast, light lunch and dinner.. or something like that. I am no scientist! but you get my gist) but also psychologically. I had a crappy breakfast two days ago. The nasi lemak I bought had too much sambal. The red oil from the sambal was all over the rice and it looks really gross. So I ate half of the nasi lemak, took my Nescafe and left. My whole morning was wrecked. Things didn't work, notebook refused to start from hibernation and had to be rebooted, the paper coffee cup leaked.. practically a "Murphy's Law" day. The damn nasi lemak gave me stomach ache too!

I also believe that the best experience of human relationship is sowed at the breakfast table. Before I moved to this new house, I used to break fast with my mother, twice a week. She would wake me up at 7 and I would bathe and then drive her to the nearby restaurant for a fishball noodle soup or wantan mee. She would tell me all the latest gossips in the family, about her past experiences or share some wisdom of her life. There are some mornings where there's nothing to talk about but the closeness of the relationship is undeniable. Something to do with the first meal of the day binding one human being with another.

In any roadtrip, what I look forward to the most is the breakfast with friends before we start our journey. I can remember our yearly Cameron Highlands trip especially the breakfast session - we woke up around 6am and ate the meatball noodles at 7am. We might all be grouchy because we had to wake up so early, but nevertheless, it was a good meal. We didn't talk much yet I yearn for these early breakfast sessions.

Perhaps it is not just breakfast. Perhaps it's the act of sitting down together to eat something. It could be lunch, dinner or supper. Whether one talk or not is immaterial. The presence of one's company is suffice. Maybe that is why a family reunion dinner is so important to a Chinese family during the Chinese New Year, well, not just the Chinese, basically every race and culture.

Yet I don't enjoy brunches.. these are too late in the day for breakfast and too early for lunch.

Finally, the word breakfast come from break fast... like the Muslim during Ramahdan, we are breaking fast in the morning. When we are sleeping, we are actually fasting... so, yeah, breakfast.. not break - fast.


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