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Google Map tracking spread of Swine Flu

I learned this morning that the swine flu is not the same as the JE virus outbreak that happened in Malaysia a few years ago. The JE virus originated from pig farms too but it's a different type of virus. Swine flu is flu - fever, coughm sore throat. JE virus caused brain damage and possible paralysis. Anyway, I found this Google Map Mashup that tracks the spread of swine flu. It's pretty wide. Very worrying. I pray that it doesn't come to Asia - Asia has so many people (China and India has billions in population) and our healthcare/screening are not as sophisticated. If it ever happens here, the spread of the virus would be unprecedented. Thank goodness Asians don't go Mexico for vacation... Use the "+" and "-" sign at the top left to zoom out and see the complete world map. Pink markers are suspect Purple markers are confirmed Deaths lack a dot in marker Yellow markers are negative View H1N1 Swine Flu in a larger map


Rotitelur - I am not sure how consistent you would update your blog but nevertheles, I am advertising your blog here:

The iPhone I have been waiting for is HERE!

Lookie - look what I pulled out from my jeans: "MY PRECIOUSSSSSSSSSSSSS" Yes, it's an iPhone 3G.. white back.. which automatically signifies a 16GB version - the best! Apple has two iPhone 3G models: the 8GB which comes only in black and the 16GB which has two colour: black and white. So, if you have a 16GB, it only makes sense to get a white - it's more exclusive.. and it is reminisence of an iPod - which originally made its debut in white. And typical of Apple, the black iPhone comes in a black box. The white one came in a white box (I didn't expect this, actually)... Inside this handsome package is an iPhone, a USB cable for charging, a 3 way plug for wall charging, a stereo headphone with mic - so it doubles as a headset, instructions manual, Apple logo to be stick to cars/computers and a soft cloth for wiping the phone. I really like the wall charger as it means I don't need to charge ths iPhone from a PC.I didn't get any casing for the iPhone. Lookin


This morning, Anne's colleague called her in a state of panic. She noticed that she has bloody discharge. This colleague was 1 month pregnant. She woke up this morning with blood - she described it as "like having period". Anne asked her to stay calm but go immediately to a hospital/clinic. 40 minutes later, she called to say she had a miscarriage. We are saddened by the news. It's not easy to conceive.. so it must be a blow to her. Her husband is outstation. I can't imagine the pain she has to go through. When she first conceived, it was not very stable. She saw a doctor who gave her medicine and adviced her to rest a lot. Unfortunately, work demands her to work very later hours. She's also very stressed up with her job. We think this could be the main reason for her miscarriage. At times I wonder.. is it really worth it? The job I mean? Back to my earlier post on Beauty, Good and Gain ... there's no beauty in a job that would cause a miscarriage! Sometim

Beauty, Gain, Good

So lately I am having motivational issues regarding work. I start to have negative thoughts about it. I wonder if this is the right job for me? What is a right job? Do I have to go through this every day? I tried very hard to lift my spirit and have positive thinking - it's working some what but certain days when the shit hits, it's all down the drain again and I have to start picking myself up. Even an iPhone, which finally arrived, didn't help.. In fact, I was selected by a renowned petroluem company for a first interview. I don't know if I was successful - but I am seriously considering changing job/company. I remember someone told me about the type of jobs we should look for. The job should give you 3 qualities: beauty, gain and good. Gain is money. We work for a living. Every job must pay well. My current job does. So it has gain. Good is where what you do is not bad to the society. Extreme examples are you are not selling drugs or you are not working in a company

Britain Got Talent

I first heard about this show from my friend - about this mobile phone salesman singing opera and winning this "American Idol-like" show. His name was Paul Potts and he was amazing. Go to YouTube and search for his name. Today, I read about this: LONDON, April 16 — Susan Boyle, who admits she has never been kissed, astonished the judges at the auditions for ITV1 show with her rendition of ‘I Dreamed A Dream’ from “Les Miserables” . The clip of her audition has been viewed 2,485,245 times in 72 hours. The 48-year-old charity worker from West Lothian announced from the stage that her dream was to emulate West End star Elaine Paige. Actually, when I saw today, her YouTube video was seen 15 million times! I think that's the highest YouTube view EVER! And it was simply amazing. I had teary eye! Please click to view - you'll not regret it!


Ok, we still have not figure out a name.. there's some characters we have narrowed down to but we couldn't combo them to make it sound nice: jin - for glittering eg glittering stars ann - as in gratitude si - as in poetry It's hard thinking of a good name!

Reducing housing loan interest

Woo hooooo! Thanks to Bahija, Ringgit has pestered ING to reduce his interest rate from 6.15% to 5.35% and now to 5% (pending their management approval)... that's a savings of about 12K of interest! And if I upped my monthly repayment by RM800, I can repay the BU house in 7 years time! I had to threaten them that I will refinance, show them an offer from PBB and only then do they agree to reduce. Lots of emails and faxes but hey, it's a lot of savings le! Wow.. 7 years later and I am half a millionaire (if I sell my house, that is.. LOL) Still.. I would urge all of you to write to your banks and get a reduction in interest rate. HUGE SAVINGS!

Steam Games I Wanna Play

I finished World of Goo (last Saturday) and Fallout 3 (a couple of week ago). I still have GTA4 to go.  But I am already dreaming of new games I wanna play: Braid is one of them. Then there's The Path (although I have some reservation because it is a horror game).  I still have Call of Duty 4, Mass Effect and Stalker to play. These are heavy duty stuff that probably needed more time investment .. but Braid and The Path would be pretty simple and fun.  Let's wait for the Steam Sales. At the moment, my attention is on GTA4.

Step One

So, yesterday I went for an interview. It was with faith leaders on my appointment to take on slightly bigger responsibilities. Bahija would relate. So I said that I am not ready yet. This guy told me something which I thought makes sense - he said, there are two type of person:  The first being looking for the right time, waiting for the right feel, and then taking up the responsibility. It may take some time.. a couple of years, maybe five.. During this time, there will be a lot of excuses and reason that would prevent this person from searching - maybe a new job, new role in the family, new crisis to resolve.. or maybe.. it was a smooth, comfortable life in the next five years - no reasons to even step out of the comfort zone. As time past, the heart of the person grows smaller instead of expanding - the tendency of arrogance and selfishness easily come in... what are the chances of taking up the responsibility? The second type of person could be someone who has the mind set of '

WTF! maxis!

I still have no iPhone! The number one Apple fan.. the guy who pre ordered even before they launched on March 20th.. the guy who called maxis Customer Service numerous time.. has.not.received.his.iPhone ! They came to my office for a roadshow. That's where I could officially signed up and continued my corporate plan status. They said I will get the phone in one or two weeks time. Today is the second week. NO NEWS OF THE PHONE! When I emailed the account manager, she promised me this Friday. I have no confidence in her statement. Maxis - you suck!


Busy with work.. can't think of anything to blog about. I wonder how some people do it? How can they blog just about anything? Malaysia has a new PM. I also wonder how could a person who are accused of a murder - whether true or not - it does not matter but the fact that he was implicated in the crime which showed that there must be some hanky panky going on... and yet, somehow, this guy is now our PM... gosh.. our leader! I feel so ashamed - wtf!