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Which is your main computer?

I want to buy a Mac. One of the thoughts running through my head regarding my plan to spend obscene amount of money on a Mac mini M2 Pro is whether I will be using it as my main computer, or if my current Intel PC (Core i7-7700K, 64GB RAM and tons of storage) can serve as the primary computer. By "main computer," I mean a computer that I will primarily use for tasks such as listening to music, watching movies, browsing the web, programming, and relaxing. This computer should be connected to all the necessary accessories, including Ethernet, a printer, Katana X, Stream Deck and three monitors. Furthermore, this main computer should be easily accessible. I want to be able to enter the room, press the spacebar, and have it wake up immediately for use. There are several advantages of the Mac mini over a PC: It consumes low power, allowing me to keep it plugged in day and night. It operates silently without a fan. It is instantly available and can be put to sleep when not needed.