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A thought just occurred to me. If it is so attractive to work in Singapore due to the high exchange rate, how come majority of Chinese Malaysians go there. You hardly hear any Malay Malaysians going. Don't the Malays want money too? Puzzling!

Long Service Award

15 years with the company and ALL I got is a lousy Pewter mug! Crap! It is so siah sui that I don't even want to dignify it by posting a photo of the mug.

Guess Where I Am

Do you know this shopping complex? Is it Kota Raya? Pertama? Sogo? There are at least 7 lots that were empty. Many more empty lots opposite where I'm standing. You'll never guess that it is the famous 1 Utama Old Wing! Right at the end is TGV. The shops that were closed are Old Town White Coffee, Hello Nokia store, some toy store, can't remember what else... What's happening???

Home made CNY cookies

We have made cookies in our new-ish Teka oven before. It's pretty easy because we bought the premix stuff from supermarket, add egg and butter and then put them in oven. This time, we decided to start from scratch.. using the good ol flour and baking powder and shortening and some arcane baking stuff. Not bad! Ingredients bought from Bake with Yen in Taman Megah, near Mien Tien Use a Sharp mixer.. quite easy.. press button, the bowl will auto turn. Don't have to do anything. This is the hard part... rolling individual balls and letting them collect the corn flakes. And it's oily. Yucks! 20 min at 170 degree C and it's done! Recycle old containers and people would think that we bought this!

Traffic.. Standstill

I am fortunate enough to live 3km from my work. As such, I don't have much traffic woes. This morning, there was an off site meeting and I had to go to Sunway. I was stuck in horrendous traffic. On my way back, I am practically at a standstill for about 30 minutes just 200 meter from Damansara NKVE toll. Honestly, this must be the worst traffic experience for me. And it occurred to me that, to many people, this is probably a way of life, a norm to them. I was looking around at all the drivers near me. These are white collar guys, office professional. I am sure many of them had to call off meetings. How much frustration is created to them and to the people they are meeting. It's bizarre how much time is wasted in traffic. How these time could be translated to productive hours and propelled the country forward. But alas, our leaders did not recognize the importance of public transport and as such, we choked on our own congested artery.  At this pace, taking three steps forward


Past two days, I went to Mac City with my sister and a friend, on two separate occasions, to help them with buying casing for their iPhone 4. Some of the casings are very nice. I'm still resisting! My iPhone is still naked!

OMG! My maxis iPhone 4 Camera Gives a Bluish or Greenish Spot!

Taken in the workplace, under fluorescent lighting You start using your maxis iPhone 4 camera. To your horror, your photo has a big blue or green spot smacked right in the middle.  Does your photo look like this? Ok. Don't panic! It seems that this is perfectly normal if the photos are taken under fluorescent lighting. Many cameras, including iPhone's has issue with white balance. Turramurra quotes : "I shoot with a Canon camera that is worth over $6000 & in certain circumstances even it can't get the white balance right when set to auto. A blue-green cast is typical when shot under fluoro lights, a yellow cast is typical when shot under tungsten (regular) lights."   Givmeabreak said "All cameras have a problem with fluorescent lighting. Especially cameras that don't let you control white balance and shutter speed. The lighting is changing 120 times per second (twice per cycle). In low light the shutter speed is probably below 120