Thousand Thoughts

Welcome to my second app, called Thousand Thoughts.

Everyday, we have thousands of thoughts running through our head. We have that little angel 😇 and devil 😈 on each side of our shoulder, whispering suggestions and intents into our mind. Other important ‼️ thoughts are mingled between these.

This app is a quick and easy way to note them down. It is always ready to capture your thoughts. No fiddling or looking for the plus or Add button. Categorize your thoughts and search them.

It is built with a comic-book interface for a light and fun take on journaling and personal mental health.

When you launch the app, start typing:

That is all it takes.

Tap on the chat bubble to edit it.

Swipe to the right to assign good, evil, important status to the chat bubble.

If you have assigned good to a bubble, assigning good again will undo it.

Swipe to the left to archive or delete. 

To filter your thoughts/chats, please click on the icons at the top of the app. 

You can filter it by "All Thoughts", which is the brain icon. The next icon is Inbox, followed by Archive. Then the Search icon to search your thoughts, Next three icons are the "good thoughts", "evil thoughts" and "important thought":

If you allow the app to have location access, it is able to capture weather information. 

The weather condition for that moment is captured when you type a thought. Who knows how the weather will affect our emotion and thoughts. You will be able to correlate the weather and your mood when you review your thoughts later:

Thousand Thoughts support calculations using SoulverCore technology. 

You just need to type your calculations in natural languages and add the equal sign twice (==) and it will auto calculate. See the screenshot below for some example of what it can calculate or convert (miles, temperature, currency). It is really quite cool.

You can change App Icon or Wallpaper in the Profile page.

That's all there is to this app. 

Please support it and I hope you enjoy the app. 

Questions and Answer and Support Queries

There are a few ways you can reach us for support or general feedback:
1. Please email me by clicking here or send an email to [email protected] 
2. Please fill up this Google Form and we will get in touch (Allow Cookies to see the Google Form):

3. Lastly, another option is to enter in the Comment section in this page below 👇


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